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The Waltons

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The life of a Depression-era family in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains is the subject of this wholesome series. The show is seen from the point of view of eldest son John Boy, who eventually goes to college, serves in World War II and becomes a novelist.
First episode date: 14 September 1972
Final episode date: 4 June 1981
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I saw some episodes, but not all of them.  I also saw all the tv movies that were made.

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Now I don't remember the movies, only the series. Perhaps the movies weren't shown over here.

I always thought it was nice at the end where they all said 'goodnight' to each other.  

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The Walton's Reunion Movie Collection:

1. A Wedding on Walton's Mountain (1982)

2. Mother's Day on Walton's Mountain (1982)

3. A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain (1982)

4. A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (1993)

5. A Walton Wedding (1995)

6. A Walton Easter (1997)

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Thank you for the list SL - I definitely didn't see any of those and doubt very much that they were ever put on DVD.

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