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(Solved) : Transferred Forum

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I have just a couple of questions. For one, it took HOURS for my forum to transfer here. SORRY, I am the impatient sort. hahaha.  Thing is I created one on this site. NOW I have 2 of them and of course I noted a difference between them. I cannot create new categories and forums, in the transferred one from Forumotion, which I WOULD like too do on this site only instead of going back and forth. Not only that, but on the forumotion one, the new categories I HAVE created, have not transferred here. Is this going too be an issue? Waiting for hours or day's before they transfer?  This is the site I created here, where I CAN create Categories and Forums. 

And this is the site that transferred from Forumotion, where I would like too continue too create Categories and forum, but I am not able too... Can you make it possible too create these forums and Categories in this transferred site? 


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Hello @SkyDancer

The answer to your question is simple and has already been discussed in this topic.

Your forum has been transferred as well as its content on ForumsClub. This includes the messages and members of the original forum. Therefore, the original forum admin account has also been transferred with it and it is this account that can administer the transferred forum and create categories,...etc.

Your account @SkyDancer is a simple member account on the transferred forum and can therefore do nothing, that is normal. 

In order to make things easier for you, I have merged your 2 accounts into one global admin account by keeping your account @SkyDancer as the only active account that can administer both forums on ForumsClub. 

Hoping it will be clearer for you now.



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Hmm, Okay. Let us hope I can move around now... Thank you so much. 


Yayy, it worked! Awesomeness, you are fantastic, thank you!

Edited by SkyDancer
Yayy, it worked!

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