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Proof of God

Thank You Father & Laura too!

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I just want to say that I love GOD SO MUCH! I am sure He knows how much it stinks to be left hanging. Not that I have literally been left hanging but.........

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Laura and I were talking and on the day I went to look at houses, the same night, I had a dream.

I had a dream about a house that we lived in that was an older house and DEFINITELY not cookie cutter. I said that we liked it because of it's individuality and uniqueness. Looks like we are moving to the blue house.

We looked at several houses that day. That night, God sent me the above dream so that I would know EXACTLY which house He was giving to us long before the drama started.

Sure enough my husband was trying his best to get a different house....one that I described as a chicken coop. When we pulled in the dirt road to look at it, I was in shock. Before he had even turned the car off, I said, "I've seen enough. But the hillbilly in him loved it. :uhoh: So I seriously asked my prayer warrior friends to elimate my husband's choice. I was thanking God that he already had shown me the outcome and that I had powerful praying friends because the chicken coop was AWFUL and my husband was doing EVERYTHING HE COULD TO GET IT! Faithfully, the other people did not accept our offer, the lady who was the realtor for the chicken coop amazed my husband. He said, I can't believe she wouldn't even return my calls or my emails. laugh

I never clued him in to my prayer requests...... :giggle:

Move forward a couple weeks.....

I saw a baby rattler in my house. I was freaking out but I kept trying to kill that thing, throwing things on it and whatever but it moved FAST. While I was trying to kill this thing I saw two HUGE like pythons or boa constrictors slither out from under something. Not sure what it was but it was in the house. I was like, WHAT THE HECK! Then the next thing I remembered was forgetting about them and finishing off the little poisonous one. I wasn't so worried about them because they were just a problem but they weren't deadly like the poisonous one. So, I was going to take care of the deadly one first. I kept at that thing until it was chopped into pieces.

The day of the above dream I found out that the hospital bills that were supposed to be paid by my insurance had gone on my credit. At first it wasn't a big deal because the insurance would pay them eventually and they'd come off my credit. My husband should have been able to qualify by himself but then WEEKS later they tell me they needed to put me on the application also. Immediately I thought, oh no. There goes getting the house. I wasn't even going to bother trying because I thought having those issues in dispute on my credit would have killed it. But then, I KNEW that was what my dream with the rattlesnake meant. That I was DEFINITELY going to have a problem but I was going to keep at it until I had "killed" it. That gave me the faith to go ahead and do whatever I needed to do make it happen. WOOHOO. WOW! GOD IS AWESOME.

Well then TODAY I dreamed that my husband was tapping on a box of scorpions with his index finger and as he tapped scorpions popped out one by one. Like six scorpions had jumped out of the box. When they jumped out of the box, I killed them in exactly the same way that I killed the rattler from last week. By throwing things on top of them. This gave me a clue that it was about more problems. UGH. But the good news is that I went to battle with them too.

I checked our household checking account and I THOUGHT with the pending items that my husband had it overdrawn. So, I asked him to please stop at the bank and take money out of another account to deposit into the household account to prevent any problems. He didn't stop on the way to work like he said he would so I was little upset. :banghead: Then, when he was at the ATM (think box) he couldn't remember the pin number (tapping on the box with his index finger) and tried so many times that he triggered the security alert and shut the account down.:hitme: Now, he couldn't take out any money. what I finally get the bank to reset the account so that he can take money out and THEN, the plant called there was an inspector there doing an unannounced inspection. So now he couldn't get to the bank before 2 PM AT ALL! what Now, I was extremely upset. I had visions of NSF fees accumulating and I was not happy. UGH. Six scorpions and one box. One issue after another with the bank and the ATM.

So Laura comes on line. She had a dream that I was irritated. LOL. I was irritated. I told her the story.

I suddenly took a little comfort because in the dream that I had about scorpions I was tromping on them just like I did the rattler. I finally decided to check the household account and I saw that it was not overdrawn and my husband did manage to get the funds deposited on today's date! praiseGod THANK YOU for that comfort in advance. I should not have been upset at all but I'm human and working on making my mark of perfection. bandaid

Then I realized in Laura's dream after I was irritated symbolically we found a house................... i SAID PRAISE GOD!!! He showed me that you were RIGHT ON ABOUT MY DAY to tell me that we were finally AFTER THREE LONG WEEKS going to get approved TODAY!!! praiseGod I can tell you that it did not appear that way in the natural but God sent word! GLORY!!! HE is so good! In the middle of my crummy day He sent me word to cheer me up and to comfort me that everything was going to turn out OKAY!

I just love God. I love all the little things that happen day to day in this glorious life in the Spirit. I love knowing things that do not depend on natural means and I love that God takes the time to tell us these little things in advance! HE IS AWESOME!

Oh...........and we did get approved today. laugh

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Once again Mia, what an awesome story!! I can completely understand with the "getting frustrated" for no reason part. I often get angry when things start piling up on eachother--but then God always works everything out inspite of the madness and I am relieved!! THANK GOD that he sees all and knows all and comforts us in the midst of our tempertantrums!
smooches and goodnite

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LOL. I had plenty of reason....lol. And the frustration was that immediate reaction BUT I should have included that I fought to maintain peace in myself and with my husband. Looking at me you could seriously see the struggle though to not allow the feelings on my inside to manifest my the actions on the outside.

How have you been girlie? Keep us in prayer we have a tropical storm on the way here!

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Also, I did end up killing a rattler by throwing something on it.  


After the ants were chewing on him for a little bit.

It slithered under a piece of plywood and I threw a cement statue on top of it and crushed it.

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