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  1. For all those who have a birthday today, tomorrow and all next week, Happy birthday in advance!! Have a good one!! Be blessed!!
  2. I am so amazed at God just in the first few days of this year! God allowed me to purchase a "brand spankin new" vehicle this week! I am so thankful for His blessings following me! I've been out of a vehicle for a VERY long time and for God to bless me with something new where I no longer have to depend on anyone or WALK somewhere is amazing! Our God is awesome!
  3. Halelulia Cholette!! God is awesome! I agree with the "no nonsense" approach-I'm the same way!!lol And may God continue to prosper you where ever you may be! Love you much Desiree
  4. Thank you Cholette, hind'sfeet, Virtuous, Kellsy2004, and Dreamster! If I missed anyone charge it to my head and not my heart!!LOL I love yall so much! :)
  5. Connie and Lola21st thanks for the encouraging words! I am fulfilled now!!! Thanks to you too mjtorrence! Love yall!! Smooches Desiree
  6. I praise God first and foremost for holding my hand through all of the tears, the pain, and the times of confusion. God has truly been my teacher, my provider, and been my shammah (there). HE IS TRULY AN AWESOME GOD IN EVERY WAY!! I praise God for strategically placing "divine appointments" in my life--people to encourage me and give me insight along the way. I will never forget you all as long as I live! I am officially a college Alumnus! On top of that I graduated at the top of my class (CUM LAUDE)!! I finally completed college and one chapter of my life is complete. I know without a doubt that God can hold my hand and guide my steps through other major chapters in the future. I pray that this testimony is a blessing and an encouragement to all of you to NEVER, NEVER give up, and remain determined. God ALWAYS keeps His promises!!!! (Habakkuk 1:5, 2:2-3, Deuteronomy 8:18) p.s. I'm going to sleep by my degree every night!!!LOL
  7. Side note: I loove the new design of the site!
  9. AMEN MIA!! PROVISION DID COME FOR ME!!! HALELULIA! One thing I can add: What Mia told me was confirmation to what a prophet had told me more than 6 years ago. I didn't believe him at first because I had been trying and trying to get a scholarship for years BUT I never gave up and God rewarded me for that. The right season came (when I really needed funding) and I received my scholarship and alot of provision. So what Mia and the prophet said came to pass this past Summer (2010). The bible says in Deuteronomy 18: 21-22- that if what a prophet proclaims is from the Lord does not come to pass when he/she says it, then God did not speak that! Bottom line: sometimes you just have to be patient! Your blessing is still coming! p.s. I didn't get $20,000 but I DID I receive 2 scholarships and one of them was for BOOKS!
  10. A powerful, powerful testimony! Thanks for sharing! Anyways - I just wanted to encourage anyone who may be starting to doubt or lose faith that there is an answer from the Lord coming to you - that the Lord does love you and care that you are hurting and in need. I needed to hear this very word, so thank you! God bless you and continue to praise God always! HE IS FAITHFUL!
  11. That is so awesome DReamster!! Now is your time! God is good! PRAISE HIM!
  12. GIRL I JUST RAN OUT OF THE ROOM DUE TO THE FIRE THAT WAS BEHIND ME!!! GOD IS SO AWESOME! HE SAID THAT WE WILL NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED AND THAT WE WILL BE FULLY SATISFIED! GOD BLESSES THOSE WHO ARE FAITHFUL!! WHAT AN AWESOME TESTIMONY CHOLETTE! THANKS FOR POSTING! AFTER READING THIS, ONE SCRIPTURE JUST RINGS IN MY HEART FOR YOU: "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze."-Isaiah 43:2 Nomatter what happens, God is always with you!! HALELULIA!
  14. Really encouraged me! Thanks for posting! I do believe what was said about the dreams...I once heard that God gives specific dreams to the person he believes will cultivate them and bring them to pass! Hold on to your dreams!!
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