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Major Prayers For Sarah Palin

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this is for Sarah Palin because she definately needs prayers.

considering what she's done and how she's come on the scene and how big her name is now, there are those out there who are VERY indifferent to her and what she believes in.

not knowing where to even start.

people are talking. people are all over the fact that she believes in God and The Bible and how "CRAZY" she is for this.

they call her stupid, they call her worthless, etc...

they make sport of her...they enjoy doing this.

people HATE her so much...a hate only satan could conjure up.

they speak of violence against her, they talk of raping her.

people in this very country, the worthless, sinful, vile children of satan out there in America.

keep her in your prayers.

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I know what you mean but remember this.......No Weapon Formed Against Us Will Prosper and the enemy is DEFEATED! God will be with her through all of this and He is watching believe me. I will be happy to pray for her and it is important that we all pray for those who are in authority over us (or could be in authority over us) as all authority is appointed of God. Thanks for the reminder Resolution.

God bless and may He grant you His peace!

Connie huggins

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continue to pray because the opposition is just so smug in how they treat her.

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