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Another Release

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While in church yesterday It was a war going on in my mind.. The enemy tried to make me so upset to the point where I wanted to walk off the pulpit and stop singing. BUt I thank God I kept praying to myself while i was up there. Then all of sudden the Holy Spirit took over me than I begin to cry and cry... The wind of God cam flowing throughout the entire church. It was so powerful that I kneeled down to worship him and bask in his presence. Then I felt a release in the atmoshpere for me.. It was like victory. I cant explain it all but I know that the doors are open and that I can rcv the promise GOd has for me. I kept waving my hand and saying victory I knew it it was like I came off the battle field and he is allowing me to rcv what he promise me... I was so relieved and happy. Now I wait for the Manifestation of the Natural to be Super!! I pray this encourages someone as they read this.. or even rcv the presence of GOD.
Also I found a God fearing Vocal Coach and I started on Saturday I am so glad the Lord lead me to her. GOd is answering my prayers.. I cant wait to see what happens this week. Glory to God..

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