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Hi everyone, I have a question – how do you pray about your enemies?

I have been praying for my enemies, for the enemies of my family. I have a bunch of people who have been against us, doing ugly things, things that are even life threatening . Needless to say that we’ve also made mistakes and opened the door for them to act. But we’ve repented and forgiven them. So now I am praying for them. I know the scripture where Jesus says forgive your enemies; God says the revenge is His, David in Psalms prays and asks God to deliver him from enemies, for example Ps 6:11, 7:11, 10:23-25,etc. So when I start praying for God’s revenge there is someone in me saying but what about Jesus saying to forgive your enemies? When stick to only this scripture there is another one saying but what about David and psalms, what about the revenge. So there is this battle in me and I get confused every time I start praying for them.

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Guest Guest
Romans 12:20
In the old temple in front of the mercy seat there was a place where the Priest burned incense and hot coils where kept in that place all day.
when you pray for your enemies you are standing like the priest in front of the Mercy seat where Jesus sit now.
Only the Sons of God interceed.
Remember there is reward for those that obey and do what the Lord told you it is required.
the key here is this ..the apostles told Jesus Teach us how to pray..
And Jesus recited Our father that dwells in heaven..
and at the Last it says forgive us as we forgive those that tresspass us,
Mine is the revenge says the Lord I will recompense.
Why is so important this ? because only one sits in the throne in heaven, and only one judges with justice .
when you do this no one can detain your prayer because already got the acceptation from the Lord same as it was in the times when the temple was builded...delicious fragance in front of the Lord.
the Devil always wanted to sit on the throne of God..he wanted to be like him..but he was rebelious because he did not respect the authority of God.
When we do as the Lord told us we are testifying against them..
And now you understand why the hate against the true believer.
praying for your enemies is an act of obedient and humbleness in front of God.
We are saying to God..you are the only one that sits in the throne..
the foundations of it are mercy and justice..
we are to exercise mercy..Jesus said that all the time I want mercy and not sacriface.
God did not spare His only Son for us..Don't we are call to do the same for those that can't find the door of salvation?
Who will pray for them?
if they are binded by the devil our enemy?Forgive and never remember the matter no more..the Lord he will do justice
the feelings of revenge are a hindrance in the path of the true believer...we are called to renew our mind ..be like christ when He was walking among us..always obedient to God.
I know what David prayed, but look at his life he had many times chances to kill his enemy Saul, but He did not do it..
Because he was obedient to God..The Lord always hears the prayers but he always delights in the one that does right things.
the battle is because the fellings still there and because of these negative emotions the devil knows how to sense and sometimes they make your blood boils and images are brough in and toughts like :this person still doing evil..nothing happen to them ..there is not justice..
or when justice will be done to me?
he wants with this use our flesh to sin against the Lord
How?beign rebelious like he is.
telling God ..you know what let me sit in the throne and i think this matter should be solved like this..
that is the Sin we need to avoid and rest assure God is never late his eyes sees all.
when you feel like that take consolation reading psalm 37
God is in Control remember that nothing good or bad happen in our life without his approval..
Do what the Lord told you to do..be imitators of the Jesus,
this feelings of revenge are very poisonus and are the works of the enemy to use it against you.
Be confident in doing Good certainly the Lord knows how to repay according to our works

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Thank you MB, this is such a relief and confirmation now as I read what you wrote.
For me it could be much easier to say the same thing to others but when it came to my situation, feelings, memory, emotions started to rise and as if there were two people inside me wrestling ans struggling. I have to admit that it is very difficult and it is like a temptaion to have in somewhere deep in your heart a revange feeling. Especially when time goes by and you don't see in real life any changes, the fleshes cries out for revenge. But Praise God, your post refreshed me, brought me back on track. Now I obey Jesus and how He said to treat our enemies. This is a challenge but I Praise God.

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The battle wages on in all of us everyday against our enemies. The Lord would ask us to pray for our enemies. I would pray blessings over them. Bless them in the finances, jobs, relationships, health, relationship with God, comings and goings to name a few. I find when I start blessing people.......I get blessed in return. I get blessed in that I feel better immediately for blessing them and not cursing them. I pray that is of help to you.

Love in Jesus,


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