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Feeling left out

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Believeing in GOd for that person who will put me first in there life weather its my helpmate, or a really good friend.Soemtimes I feel like I am on the back burner sometimes.. Its like I am second.. Even though I know I am God Chosen vessel. but hey I human Right!! I have this friend I been friends with her for about 16 years and she is married now but some how THis has nothing to do with her hubie I understand that hubbie comes first. BUt she has so many other friends. Infact two friends the Lord spoke and told me that she needs to distance herself and one of them she has already begin to see but the other one... I am like Lord reveal to her the truth... Its like I been praying for her fight for her in the spirit and I am like Lord I want someon who will do the same for me. Praying for friends who are own my level.......Thank you for your prayers enough is enough

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Guest Guest
Let your heart take a second air this morning.
May the Lord give you peace and understanding.
Do not fret or worry..You God is next to you
He knows all ..you are in schedule to your destiny. Do not fear
Learn how to close the doors the enemy always uses to put you down..Be obedient and draw closer to God..He is the one working on your behalf..Do not worry all these promises in your soul it shall come to pass.
In one minute He will give you favor and you will see what kind of God you have.
Jehovah Jireh..No one can twart the way of the Lord..No one.
Trust and have faith..more than ever press forward you are at the doors..
Focus on Jesus..not in the manifestation..because that it has been already taken care..know that the Lord is the Lord in heavens and earth..
Our God is alive!
Jesus Thank You ! Thank You oh Sister praise the Lord bring the sweeteness of your lips to Him..Humble your soul and forget the rest ..He loves you So much!
You are on time to your destiny..Hallelujah!!Live JEHOVAH!

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I remember feeling that way a LONG time ago. The one thing I did realize was that I was being set apart. I didn't get it right away and I couldn't understand why "I" didn't have people around me like I was used to because I'm such a "social butterfly". Well, when God told me that I was being set apart it made me feel SO MUCH better and I started getting into His word and finding out what I was being built up for. Little did I know that he was taking me to another level in the choir. THAT was the season where he called me to the forefront and I became the praise leader.

The other thing was, when He did that...the friends that I was so used to hanging around became jealous and didn't want to be around me anyway. God was protecting me. By the time their feelings became evident to me, I was over it and strong enough to move forward.

The one thing I will tell you...you don't have to "work" for friendships...God will make sure the relationships you need will be there for you at the right time. If you are feeling left out...snuggle up in the lap of God and let him fill that place in your heart. I can 90% guarantee you that SOME of the friends you have now will NOT be your friends later...it just works out that way and ya gotta love God for loving us enough to handle things because afterall, He knows the heart of man.

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