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Another Healing

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Praise GOD!! I rcv a healing in my heart again!! I was so broken because my parents hurt me so badly and sometimes when you are minstering to others you have to stand be strong. While standing there I begin to cry and walked over to my Apostle and I hugged him and then intercessors came around me and said get out of her now!! Glory!! then I begin to cough up and you know the rest!! and delieverance it came upon me. My heart is healed and now I have peace... Then apostle prayed for me to have my heart healed. I need to ask God to forgive me for not being patient.. SO I asked God to forgive me. Also he mention to me which was a great surprised in which I didnt ask he said the man who will be in my life will have to be just as powerful as me or even greater in the spirit. He prayed over my hands. I have the Gift of healing..... Thank you LORD!! Then there is more. but I am Glad Thank you LORD!! GOD IS ABLE TO DO EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY ALL THAT YOU ASK FOR. BY TGE POWER THAT WORKETH IN YOU!! WILE SINGING THIS SONG IN CHURCH TODAY I TOO WAS MINSTERING TO MYSELF!! I pray this does the same for you!! AMEN

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