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Prayer for our brother in Christ please

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Hello i have been receiving some messages from a young man on youtube asking for prayer that he dont know how to be a proper christian and he is struggling in his life so i sincerely hope that we all can hold him up in prayer im not even sure of his name but this is what he wrote

I really need deliverance but don't know where to go. My dad abused me
my whole life up to 13 behind my moms back. Including when I was a
infant.I have lots of problems like... i have an anxiety disorder,
P.T.S.D, psychosis, I have a social problem and have no friends, I have
severe confusion problems with simple everyday tasks, A learning
disability, I have this problem where I have uncontrollable thoughts
about people hurting me cause I am reliving it. I have a obsession with
swing on the swing ans listening to music. I spend hours a day doing
that in order to get the thoughts out. If I don't do that I go into a
dissociative state. This is truly everything I deal with everyday. Its
been like that my whole life and I don't know how much longer I can
take it. My dad is now in prison for 50 years. I told on him when I was
13. This is a lot of problems. I am being a true christian but I really
am struggling. I am praying for it to get better but no results yet. My
faith is still strong though!! I do get peace and joy but it don't always last cause of my problems. I need prayer and deliverance really
bad. Thanks For your time I am feeling so stuck. What should I do?

For me this is exactly what the devil is doing to our brothers and we need to hold this man up in prayer his youtube name is MegaTinkerBell Thank You

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Thank you Lord for this precious man of God who is going through all of this. Lord I know that you have him in the palm of your hand. I pray Father for you bring him deliverance Lord, just like you did for me. Father protect him from the hand of the enemy. We know he is a victor in you......but he needs to realize it Lord. Help him to see who he is in you and that he can take authority over the enemy. Show him a place he can go to be ministered to unless you personally want to minister to him. Lord I thank you for your loving kindness and that you will never leave him or forsake him. Thank you Father for the many times you have brought me through the fire and molded me from a broken woman abused and unwanted to the loving arms of my Master and my King, who will never leave me and love me eternally. You picked me up and set me on a solid foundation. Every time I fell down you picked me up and when I could no longer get up you carried me. You are my all in all!

your servant,


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Guest Guest
Father Your Grace is sufficient!
In the name of Jesus Father I Bind and command all these spirits of abuse,rejection,hate ,brokeness,loneliness and humilation to Come out and descend to the pit and never ever comeback to this Girl life ever again.
By the precious Blood of Jesus our Lord,Father
Because there is power in the Blood,and because you promise us that the Gates of hell will not prevail against your church..
You recovered all that was lost in the calvary ,For the covenant that was re-establish again for our Lord Jesus Christ.
In Jesus Name Deliver and bring this young man to complete peace in Your precious name and for your Glory.
Destroy the yoke of the devil on tis Girl's 's life..free his dad..bring him out of the darkness..see that they had been bound many years for the devil. Set them free now! Be free on Jesus Name.
Thank you For your love and peace ..
Thank You because I know there is power in your name,
It is Done accordingly what you promised us anything we ask tyhe father on your name.It will be done!
We received the deliverance and victory over this life in Jesus name
Amen and amen

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Father i agree with all that has been said Amen..

I just found out its actually a 17 year old girl going through all this, which no one helping her, so i appreciate everyone's prayers

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You may want to encourage her to seek out deliverance. Tell her to use the wisdom of the Lord to get her where he wants her to go.

Love in Jesus,


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