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Linda Irish


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One New Years morning a few years ago I had an experience where I needed confirmation. I attended church alone that day and it was just a beautiful clear day and I felt happy and refreshed when I went home, but when I got to the porch and took out my keys something happened to me that has never happened before. I was caught off guard by The power of God in a way that I had never experienced …I could not move and I felt the fear of God and an uncontrollable trembling that felt like electricity filled me and it stopped me…a Holy fear came over me and I knew it was God and that this encounter was important. What God, what” I said and God said back to me clearly, “ I am not letting you in until you break off that lie” “What lie? I said?, and He told me “the lie that a woman cannot be a minister of Gospel”…then I really began to shake all over from the experience…my legs were shaking now also as I walked in the door and pondered this whole event. “I hear you God,” I said to Him, “but this is too big God, I need you to confirm in another way to me”

Now the reason that It was such a big deal to me, is not just that God did a powerful thing to me to get my attention that day, but that along with his words I knew in the spirit and even more powerful and important message was being relayed to me supernaturally, that God was telling me that I was and was to be minister of the Gospel and this is the message that shook me to the core.

Like I said it was on New years and I went on with my day making plans. I was having my little grandson come for the weekend also so I was cleaning house and shopping and getting things ready for the family to come over. When I was done with my fussing, I called a neighbor friend and asked her if she had time for a visit, she put on a pot of coffee and I walked down the street to visit….when I got there I asked if I could use her rest room and there on the counter was a magazine turned upside down open…when I picked up the magazine it was turned to an article entitled “Breaking The Lie, that a woman connot be a minister of God” I was blown away…

My friend let me keep the magazine and I told her all about my experiences that morning and returned home.

That night we had a blast it was a fun family time the movie inspired all of us and we were all caught up in the message. I remember my one of my boys, my son Dustin was standing with his arm around me kind of leaning on my like my boys sometimes do….and my little grandson Dylan who was about six at the time was also caught up in the moment, “Do you see this big guy Dylan? Uncle Dustin may seem like a big guy to you but you know what? He is my little boy. He will grow up one day to be a man who helps people like a policeman, or he will help poor people get treated fairly like an attorney…or he will be a Minister of the Gospel to tell people about God,

My little six year old grandson shot his arm out immediately to point at me and with authority he said, No, grandma, no it is you that will teach people about God because you know about God.

That s when I told my husband and my family about what had happened at the front door that morning.

Very soon after this event in a quiet moment God told me that He wanted me to write about all the things that he has taught me, moreover specifically how He led me to hear His voice…and he wanted me to call it “it’s a God Thing”…
Wow I thought, that’s pretty cool…but later as I was pondering all this I thought to myself, “I don’t know about the name “it’s a God Thing“ ..maybe “God stories” would be a better name!
A little later my daughter Christy called from Tennessee and she was so excited to tell me something…”Oh mama I got this great idea, I know what you are suppose to do, you are suppose to write a story about all your experiences with God, and call it “It’s a God Thing”….

Needless to say I was humbled by even considering another title…and quickly made a decision to call the book…”It’s a God Thing”

And I worked on it here and there for seven years…writing the things that God brought back to my memory. All the miracles in my life that helped me to follow and fall even more in love with my Jesus…

I was feeling like I was just going too slow on doing what God had specifically told me to do, I was feeling slow and like I was maybe letting God down, missing the boat on getting this done for God. After all SEVEN WHOLE YEARS had gone by.

Then one day I was reading a book by Joyce Meyers, God bless her heart and she uplifted my spirit to have hope that delayed obedience is not always disobedience, especially if God did not specifically put a time restriction on us..and I was so encouraged that I rededicated my heart to fulfill this direction from God with more passion and more inspiration.

Recently God gave me a God dream…and on this web site I received a translation of my dream. In my dream I awoke in the night and saw that my backyard was full of sheep…among the sheep there were monks leading them out of the yard…

The translation of the dream was that all the slow moving and self discipline that God had been leading me through all those years…it was now behind me and I was prepared to go. Prepared to go? Yes, now is the time for the book and for the training to be a chaplain or pastor….God has perfect timing!!!! All the lamenting that I did was for naught. It is Gods timing and I am in the time that I should be doing the things that He is saying to me. Be encouraged, What we lament, might be….“Delayed obedience” may not be delayed at all…and even if it is…delayed obedience is still obedience…do the right thing and do that thing that God has given you to do. You WILL be blessed!!!!!!!!!Praise God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In the mean time…God added a few more instructions to my life…he has added “the Sheep Will Hear His Voice” to the name of my book to reflect “IT’S A GOD THING, The Sheep Will Hear My Voice” and I am now actively researching with my husband a good program to receive instruction to be as a chaplain or pastor. If any readers out there have any insight or ideas on where to receive solid teaching please contact me and God Bless You….
It is not to late to do that thing that God would have you

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