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Do we forgive unsaved family who dont change

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Who swear at their adult child?
Dont respect Christian beliefs regarding Christans-(no Santa-Jesus! (Asking to take grandkids trick or treating)
I say yes to forgiving but if they dont change and at least be respectful i dont want them to interact with and influence my kids- boundaries must be respected .
Would really appreciate some wisdom here if I am wrong please tell me.
my husband told his dad to just stop being so verbally abusive and he said no.
Now they are telling others in his family that we dont want them to see our kids etc.
My interaction with my inlaws has been so awful and now they are staying away for how long I dont know Just want to be right with God here despite how I feel.

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I think you posted something like this before and the things that we told you were...you have to set the boundaries for your children and NOT allow anyone to say or do anything in their presence. You are their parent and you have the control to has influence over them.

As far as forgiveness...YES! You forgive and you make it a point to not go around them if they are verbally abusive or disrespectful to you or your children. YOU control your own life sweety. To walk around with unforgiveness in your heart over someone who doesn't have Christ or isn't doing the right thing is NOT worth it. You have children to raise and a God to focus on. Remember what the Word says...Your fight is not against flesh and blood. Your fight isn't about your husbands family...it's THE DEVIL!!! See it for what it is...forgive them and move forward with your life. You can't be concerned what others think about you...it's for the protection of your children.

Love ya and I hope things get better for you...clear your head and walk in the peace of God!

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