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  1. not me her name is Ginny she goes to my church
  2. a nice apartment in a beautiful rural town planty of food and heat job for my husband money to get my kids what they need marriage is going well family is healthy !
  3. I changed the names but the story is true my husband is getting calls from the ex worker. He did tell his boss but now is letting it go to voicemail.
  4. She is a young mom of 2 boys loves God walks in faith nd she continues to do well!
  5. we have fought lack for years I am very frugal we get food stamps but dont want this to always be the case we now tithe to our church and also give to ministries and people I am asking for prayer that it is done! my husband has an ongoing job now and I think this may be it the end of poverty
  6. Mrs W-it depends on your personal learning style which will be easiest for you first find out what it is (google learning styles free test) choose and take a free test online if it is auditory-play the Bible on the internet so you hear it if it is visual-write out verses so you see them kinesthetic-walk around reciting verses hope this helps teacher in training!
  7. I wanted to add this do not stop for a baby in a car seat -go somewhere and call 911 it is a trap do not run your wipers if someone throws egg on your car-you wont be able to see- just drive away got an email this week about keeping women safe
  8. Thank you guys I finished my paper and have a week off from school Praise God! My daughter is all better! God bless you!
  9. husband was drinking tonight and got angry at me my child was in bed while I was cooking dinner she had neck pain I looked it up on webmd and got upset we went to the hospital she threw up in my car hubby didnt want to go to the hospital but I was concerned the nurse bless her said I was right to come in -because she said she had neck pain thank God -just a stomach virus and a sore throat whew but now I am behind in my school work -final due Sunday midnight pleease pray fo me guys I am writing the outline for a big paper tonight sometimes this is when all hell breaks loose when i have work due! I am asking God for peace!
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