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Praise report from young mom -cancer shrinking!

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I got this in my email Today Thank you for praying!

hello wonderful friends and family,
ok, so today was scan day. we were expecting dr. schauer to call tomorrow afternoon w/ the results.

when the phone rang at 5:40pm and i heard his voice TODAY, the first words out of my mouth were: "you already know?"

he says that there are several tumors that are "measurably" smaller, that the fluid around the lung has lessened and the spots on the bones look "denser" (often how a healing bone looks on film). some of the spots in the liver remain the same size.

dr. schauer says it's great that i am sensitive to the tamox. and we'll continue w/ the same regiment.

paul and i are both a little numb. so much praying, hoping, wondering, redirecting thinking away from the "what ifs", some worrying. i'm sure you can imagine the amount of energy our minds have consumed. so, now knowing that a lot of that stress is removed, now what??

this is what: [b]THANK YOU GOD!![/b] our hearts are packed full of gratitude that these are the results, that we're moving in the right direction. now what? we want to remain in the Lord's peace; leaning on His power and surrendering our lives to Him.

your prayers have been so effective and powerful, they have [b]truly[/b] carried us through the past 3 months. do not doubt that! we will never be able to convey our immense gratitude for all your prayers and love!! never!! ([b]please[/b] keep 'em coming, by the way)
also, we have loved all the blessings received from your cards, emails, calls, deliveries, meals, flowers....) being wrapped up in all those demonstrations of love is AMAZING!!
we feel tremendously blessed!!!


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Praise God for the good news and we will continue to pray for more good reports and believe with you that you are healed in Jesus name!

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She is a young mom of 2 boys loves God walks in faith nd she continues to do well!

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This is a wonderful testimony of God's goodness! Praise You, Jesus!

btw, I'm also confused...justblueskies, are you now newleaf?

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