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hi everyone.Here's my testimony:I'd been struggling for awhile with various issues,I even pasted a bad dream that theatened in real life,but I want to thank the Lord of host for fighting for me and gave me victory-I am more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus!

I'd been praying for God to arise on my behalf,I had a dream:I was in a building,kind of a hostel with other people.I went out of the building and suddenly I heard my name loud and clear,I saw some men hiding behing a short wall with guns and clubs;they wanted to capture and harm they said,they looked mad,and it was so dark.I panicked and ran back inside and I was puzzled about what I did to offend them.I was looking for a place to hide when suddenly,a door opened beind me and I saw crowds of people with candles saying they were on my side and they were going to fight for me.the next scene was me standing by a car with some people,talking

I woke up upset and told God that i just ouldn't take any more attacks and how much I hated the dream,but the Holy spirirt whispered to me that did I notice that I was not harmed,then I realise the victory in the dream

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