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Confirmations and more Confirmations, God is Awesome

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Praise God
it is the church I'm supposed to be at!!! Got 2 confirmations from the
SAME person/couple on 2 separate occasions (1 at church and 1 at a
restaurant) They took my son and I out to eat!!! I almost missed my
blessings today because both my son and I are exhausted from getting up
so early for church. So, yesterday/last night I was wanting to take my
son to get some of those cheap burgers at burger king because we have
been living on that soup that I got bogo on (praise God about that
because if it weren't for my Father inspiring me to go to the store one
night when we only had 200 to spend before payday over two weeks away
at the time...) I don't know what to do because my husband told me that
we could only spend 400 till pay day and that's over 2 weeks away and a
bill was auto payed that was over 300$!! Praise God for the 63$ He made
the bank give us too!!! So, I've been having cravings for all kinds of
food because of pms... So back to the church, the first thing I had
asked God about a church was that the First person who invited me to
church would be the church He wanted me to go to. So, I was talking to
a homeschooler that I had called for advice and she invited me to
church. So, we didn't go last sunday because we were too tired to get
up... Yesterday I asked God to give me a confirmation and I would know
what it was. So we get to church and I was thinking we were late!
Praise God my Bible class had not even started yet inspite of what the
clock said and they were doing the greetings. So, the teacher started
talking about prayer, how to pray, which was my 1st confirmation
because it's something people have been confusing me on. So, that's
over and we go to service and this older couple greeted me as if we had
met previously. They invited me and my son to sit next to them and we
got to talking and it was interesting because we had places in common
(the husband being retired airforce and also served in the Army). I
told them about the confirmation I had gotten to be at the church.
Anyway, they invited to take my son and I out to eat and asked what we
would like to eat, we said hamburgers. I was so excited because God had
provided my hearts desire and needs at the same time!!! So, before I
had asked God for the specific confirmation I was going to ask him to
let the confirmation be that I would speak to someone from my home town
or area... Come to find out when we were eating that they had been
Stationed at Tinker AFB!! They EVEN went to my church back in the early
80's!!! The church I had grown up in!!! God is fun, we don't even have
to ask sometimes and He delights in giving it to us anyway!!!
Ok so, the confirmation town thing... Listen to THIS, the last church I
also asked God for a confirmation. My first time at home group I sat my
stuff down on a chair and then went and had desert with the others in
the kitchen and there was this tall elegant and beautiful lady and I
kept looking at her all the while thinking "DOES she look familiar"
(not, she looks familiar), so we all go and sit down. Lo and behold I
had put my stuff down right next to the lady and was sitting beside
her. So after we get done with introductions and telling where we are
from we start group and then at the end she said she had noticed that I
was from a certain city and that She had lived near there while they
were stationed at Tinker AFB (notice the trend here), pretty cool! So
then she says that they went to church in my city and I asked "really,
what church" she said "oh, you prob. wouldn't know it" I said "try me,
I might" she said "---" and I said "REALLY" "That's my church"!! She
said some exclamatory thing and then I asked "what years did you go"?
She said "you probably didn't go there at the time" I said I might have
and so she said "around 1985" and I said "REALLY" I went there then!! I
started asking her if she remembered all these different people and she
said yes and then I asked her if she remember my mom and at first she
said no until I started describing my mom's unique characteristics and
she got that Big spark of rememberance and she said "YES, and she had
that beautiful blonde daughter that looks just like her" I said "YES,
that's ME" I think we were both crying by then because a couple we both
loved had gotten divorced and she didn't know. Then she told me that my
parents had invited her over for dinner during one of the toughest
times in her life because she had a new baby and her husband was in
basic training or something. I didn't remember my mom inviting her for
dinner and she told of her rememberance and sparked a little
recognition but didn't click with my view in my child's perspective. On
the way home I was thinking of her rememberance and only one word that
she had said was the clicker and that was broccoli. That was the one
thing that I had remembered all these years was a broccoli story and
she had her own version of the broccoli story. It caused my version to
come flooding back when I was in the quiet of my car. I was so excited
because I had that story and never knew why until that night!! It was
to show how Great God is and that He's been taking care of me and still
is. So, this lady, they didn't go to our church for many years, only a
few. I loved her and thought she was so beautiful and at the time I
would never admit to myself that someone was beautiful because I was so
insecure and thought I was ugly. I wanted to grow up and be beautiful
like her. I was really sad when they left and I remember the sunday
vaguely being the last sunday for them and it was sad.

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By the way notice between the two separate stories the common theme, 80's, church, city, Tinker AFB!!! Let me tell you, I have not lived in my home state for 11 years, I'm 32 and soon to be 33. I was a KID in the 80's!!! Talk about Amazing FATHER

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WOW Hindsfeet!!! The Lord is good! I know how important it is to be in a GOOD church. I'm so happy for you...TO God Be the Glory!!!!

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AMEN Lola!!!

I forgot to add that my last church I only went to for a year and that was 2008-2009!

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