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Continuation from dream post

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I was going to post this in there but I figured maybe what I was going to say would go better in here. See I need some advice..
Now you guys were right on and I had the incling as it was...the whole thing about the bondage through the immorality was correct and it has to do with me.
I live in a place right now currently and my ex(whom I have said before is unsaved) still lives here. I have been believing God for a job..giving me a way to move out of this situation but for right now..Im here. He does not understand...he is continually mocking me and the like. I have held him off for quite some time but for whatever reason I gave in last night. The difference though being that I honestly had no desire for this...but it had a grip on me.
Also as I have said in other posts...I have just recently come back to the Lord and have been back and forth a few times in my walk...EVERYTIME I have backslidden it has had to do with a man.
Over the years peices of this bondage have broken off and God has shown me things...this dependance on this "false..worldly..controlling type of love" has somehow stemmed from me never knowing or having my real father..I have understood that much..
And in that..my view of a father is blurred...which means in some more intimate aspects my view of God the Father has been blurred..
I don't know what Im asking from someone here...maybe just some encouragement..some scriptures..some prayer to keep me from going off this path God has for me...I don't want to be lukewarm anymore...I am determined..I have done this too many times I am tired of the enemy's games...
Maybe theres something...some way of dealing with this that I am not seeing...I am also battling with prayerlessness again..as I have just come back..
I know the enemy likes to keep us quiet...but I dont want to be..I know I can't be..if I expect victory over this...
Thank you so much in advance..

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Guest Guest
Blessed be the Lord for ever.
Things you need to know ,your heart is right with God and understanding has come to you.
in order to receive the full blessing we need to stand in God's commanments and precepts..this not mean you have to be legalistic
but The Lord knows better than us how the enemy uses the things God created to distort the vision we had about God on this world..
Another thing you are going to learn is that God is already shaking things in your life ..when conviction comes is the Lord inviting you to communion with him and this is the part where many fail..
is so hard sometimes to walk unto the unknown ..only with a promise
the same happened to Abraham.
But search God..if you search for him with all your heart today,if you cahnge your ways and repent..it is written that He will turn back to you and heal your land.
the enemy offers always a quick fix of things ..an image of what it should be but always with a door open where he always comes and enter at will.
and all the life will pass in front of your eyes always wishing to possess and enjoy the blessings of God.
this is the deceived nature and the game he plays on humanity.
Do not settle for less whatever he is offering you today..is about inmediate gratification that does not profit your soul.
Jesus is soon to come and He is placing things in order in the lives of those He came to save..the enemy knows this and he has raised a wall of distraction on your path to prevent you to received what is in store for you.
Do not get discourage by the mocking..they did it to Jesus..instead in your mind Be Happy because greater is your reward on the heavens..
Double we shall received for our shame.
First thing fast and pray..no one needs to know
God will lead you ..that door... the sex door you need to closed it ..is not going to be easy at the beggining but the power of God is able to do this.
I have seen this come to pass in my own life..I tell you God's power is true!
as soon as you start walking toward Jesus ..He and His army will stand behind you to assure you a huge victory..not only on this matter but in other areas of your life.[url=http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1 Corinthians+12:5-7&version=CEV]1 Corinthians 12:5-7[/url]
Plus all things work together for good specially in the lives of those that fear the Lord.
Human love can not be compared to God's love
since the only concept of love many had is the distored image the enemy has place in our lives ..but if you are observant ; if your relationship with God is upright all has to work for Good in your life.
and that is not a promise , That is the living word of God..
Pour your heart in front of God and tell him to direct your steps and received you on his kingdom.
I see the Lord positioning you for something big..but you are entering the purging saeson..Learn more about God and Do Not cease praying!
find a good doctrine church and Grow in God.
Heaven has been waiting for this..this is the Merciful work of God!
May the Lord Bless You and Keep you.
I am praying for you.

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Hi daughteroftheking!

I am touched my your struggle and you remind me much of myself when I first came to the Lord. I struggled with the whole "man" thing as well and found myself at the altar every Sunday, re-dedicating my life back to him because I was told that if I had any sin in my life, God won't love me. Yes, it was baaaaad teaching and I wish I would have known what I know now. JESUS LOVES US and it's UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!!

We were saved my grace..."For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God...(Eph 2:8)...this means, we can't earn it NOR can we lose it. There is NOTHING that you can do that will separate God's love from you (Romans 8:39)

You are suffering from a case of not knowing that you are the "Righteousness of God through Christ Jesus". When God looks at you DaugheroftheKing, He sees Jesus and He doesn't see YOU. Every sin that you have committed and will commit has been put on the body of Jesus Christ so you are FREE from being condemned. When we don't understand that, the enemy has an opportunity to come in and harrass/torment us into thinking that we are failures in God. God's grace goes far and beyond anything that you can EVER do. Does that mean you can just keep on doing what you do? NO WAY...but you will continue in that cycle as long as you don't understand that you are already righteous and that God loves you.

What you are looking for in men is God's love. It's innate in ALL OF US! We want to feel loved, but human love isn't enough. I like what MBStudent said..."Human love can not be compared to God's love", it is true. You will have to do what I did...shut "it" down and make a decision that you are going to run after God and leave the fleshly desires alone. You have to fall FULL FORCE into the Word of God because I promise you, when you do, there will be an inner strength imparted inside of you that will keep you from falling back into that cycle. I can't explain how it works, but it does. My issue with that sin has kept me pure for the past 19 years. I don't care how many dates I go on, you won't find me with a guy in that way.

This is not just about men, but with any thing we find ourselves doing over and over again. It's the Holy SPirit that leads us into all truth and It's him that begins the work in us and is FAITHFUL to complete it (Philippians 1:6)

I have more to say, but I will end here. We can discuss more if you need to, either here on PM.

Praying for you!

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Galatians 5:16 (AMP)

But I say, walk and live [habitually] in the [Holy] Spirit [responsive to and controlled and guided by the spirit]; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh (of human nature without God).

I SPEAK this scripture EVERYTIME I feel myself desiring to go back to a lot of the things I struggled with. I can understand you when it comes to men...I've been there as well.
You will have to do what I did...shut "it" down



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Thanks guys so much!!! :)
You have helped a bunch..I just needed to hear that I guess. See Ive done this before and actually heard God say to me "Ive built you stronger than this vanessa"
He's been talkin to me on faith..and I prayed against pride again..hahah now I am faced with this nasty flesh AGAIN..you know that scipture in galatians 5 you sent there? I had last week read it about 5 times...because God kept stickin me in galatians 5 and Hebrews 11 so..thank you!
God bless!


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if I had any sin in my life, God won't love me
, so therefore I HAD to stop doing what I was doing before He would love me and bless me...

Reading that scripture changed my life. Actually the entire book of Galations made a huge impact on me. Galations 3:3 says "Are ye so foolish?, having begun in the Spirit, are ye now made perfect by the flesh?"

This scripture opened my eyes to the fact that I began my Christian life through the spirit and there is nothing "fleshly" I can do to be made perfect. I depended on the power of the Holy Spirit through FAITH to save me, so I have to depend on the power of the Holy Spirit to keep me and perfect me to be just like Christ.

Just walk in the spirit and stay Christ-centered and Christ-focused!

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