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Praise and Worship Prayer Request

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Tionight I am ato talk to the youth group (at my new church- husband's church) about worship- it’s
been a struggle to put things together- ultra busy and dealing with the death of my aunt. But I know
what I am called to do and must do it. Please pray for the release of the
anointing to usher the spirit of worship to these kids. My dreams are coming to
pass in regards to my calling at this church….read below. I don't want tonight to go without the power of the anointing.

14, 2009

night I had a dream that I was in the lower fellowship hall of my church with
my praise and worship leader and the praise and worship team ( I
sing with them too and we always meet in the lower hall before the service IRL)
We all gathered in a circle because I was going to pray before we went to sing.
We gathered and held hands as usual. But in the dream I was lead to pray each
team member individually. I went around the circle and started to do that. But
in the middle of it two of the girls (who are not on my praise team in
real life. And not a part of my church in real life but one I know in real
life(she is a praise and worship leader of another church-- the other I
do not know in real life- never seen before and don’t remember her face since
the dream) started to chat and laugh during the prayer. At first I ignored it!
I thought I could bear it. But they continued. So I stopped praying and walked
up to them and said sternly with my voice raised that they need to
stop disrespecting God can they not see I am praying! This is disrespectful!!

When I was done telling them this they walked away and I kind of felt bad and
surprised that I did what I did. Afterward my praise worship leader told
everybody to get on stage asap that we are going to start. I was heading up
with them but the one of the girls I reprimanded (the one who is a praise
and worship leader in another church in real life) called me over to her. I
thought she was going to get mad and tell me off. But instead she looked sad. She
said “I am sorry for what I did.” Then she said “ You need to read Revelation
I said okay. Then I could hear that praise and
worship started. I was like uh oh. So I ran up stair and right to my
microphone. I started to sing but the microphone kept floating away and I had
to keep bringing it back to my mouth. I looked at the other two singers on my
right side (it was my praise and worship leader and a team member that
is in training to be praise and worship leader in real life) I notice
that their mikes where floating too but they held the mike as they sang so that
it stayed put by their mouth.

On the side: when I woke up I looked up Revelation 11:16 and it says: 16And the
twenty-four elders, who were seated on their thrones before God, fell on their
faces and worshiped God,

The rest of the scripture after verse 16th goes on to say:
"We give thanks to you, Lord God Almighty,
the One who is and who was,
because you have taken your great power
and have begun to reign.

19, 2008

I had a dream that i was cleaning washrooms at my fiance's church and I could
hear that the service was almost over. Then his Pastor got on the microphone
and i could hear him from the washroom where i was cleaning. He said that we
are now adverstising and looking for a fulltime praise and worhsip leader with
the prophetic anointing. I heard him ever so slightly because i was cleaning washrooms
so i moved closer to the door to hear again and he repeated the same words but
a lady with two young children was leaving the washroom I tried to help her but
she didn't want my help- she didn't open the door fully almost like she was
trying not to make me hear what the Pasotr was saying but i could still hear
his announcement because the washroom door was all glass! I could see through
it too!
Then the dream switched to another lady from my fiance's church, she was
holding both her granddaughters on her lap they were asleep. In front of my
eyes it transitioned to both granddaughters sleeping on a bed and she watching
over them. Then me and the rest of the church watched as one woke up. She was
not a litttle girl anymore she was about 13 years old in the dream and she
started to sing! It started off fine and then her voice got really hoarse
almost manly and she couldn't continue to sing. She tried to fight it but it
wouldn't stop - she wanted to sing and preach. Then I said to myself- "I
know the feeling, this hoarseness comes over me when I try to minister in song
too!" I got angry for her and looked at her and called out THE BLOOD OF
JESUS! Within seconds her voice came back and she sang in the bed and to her
grandmother and to us.

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Unaday, you have NOTHING to worry about going "without the power and the anointing" because it's in you girl. You have the Holy Spirit in you and He goes with you wherever you go.

My prayer is that you remain open and that you are a vessel that God will use to reach the youth. May your words be powerful and encouraging...leading them to a deeper knowledge and understanding of who God is.

Blessings...let us know how it goes!!

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Hi Unaday. In my previous church (I've since moved which is the only reason I'm not going there any more), we had great worship, and we didn't even have a band most of the time.....just CD's that we sang along with. One time, we got a religious spirit that sneaked in through one of our worship members. The pastor started doing warfare, and the very next Sunday, we had really great worship, then the gift of laughter came. We had never had that in our church (since I was there at least...3 years). People didn't know what to do with that and some were offended. I was laughing my head off, along with other people, but we were scarce. That anointing of laughter started to break that spirit of religion off of my church....that and having children take over some of the worship songs. I LOVE when Holy Spirit comes and gives us laughter.....Holy Spirit laughter brings healing, breaks bondages, and miracles are for sure to happen.

I'm going to a church right now that has SERIOUS issues with their worship team. I want to leave the church every time worship begins. I don't know if that's a religious spirit as well, but I've been told recently that music in churches can be more divisive than theology, and I believe it. I'll be praying for you that God will just give you the freedom you need in order to lasso this worship team into what God wants for it. I'll be praying that Holy Spirit will manifest so powerfully and will drench you guys with fire. God bless you, and please let us know how things progress.

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