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what if a dream isnt a dream

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Please bear with me but this is long. I really need some help with this one. I didn't put it in the dream column because I m not sure what it is. I know I was asleep when I dreamed this but not sure how to take this.

I was in this place. It looked like I was sitting outside a
banquet hall. There was someone else
with me, this woman or it might have been a girl. We were supposed to go inside together but
for some reason she went in without me.
I was sitting outside on something.
When I decided I wanted to go in, my feet would not move. It was like my mind was not connected to my
body. As much as I tried, I could not
get my legs to move. And it was at this
point that I knew my mind was not working in conjunction with my body. It was like I could feel the
separateness. I wasn’t sick nor did I
have some illness. There was something
else that was going on.

Finally though, I managed to go in. It was a very large room. There were no lights but there were candles
at each table. There were approximately
6 or 7 chairs to a table. The tables were circular. There were people at each table because I recognized
one woman but I was on my way at that time to the bathroom. There were other people in the bathroom
while I was trying to use it, a woman and a girl with a man who was outside in
the room. The woman and girl were
standing right next to me and I kept asking them to close the door but the
woman commented about the smell.

Then, I was back at this
table and there were empty seats where I was sitting. The place at this point was well lighted and I
don’t think anyone was sitting at my table with me. I must have been well known there because at
one table were teenagers who were joking and laughing it up. They called for me to come to their
table. One of the teens were opening
something, like it was show and tell, and later on I recognized it as a rape
kit. I must have had a reputation there
with the speakers because they were afraid I was going to say something to
disrupt them; but I sat at my seat quietly.
The speaker, who was a woman was talking about rape.

She was talking and somehow I
went through this transformation into someone else. I didn’t say much at this time and the lady
up front who was speaking was thinking that I was just acting quiet and any
minute I was going to start making noise and being disruptive, but I didn’t. I know she felt that I would do something to
embarrass them. But I continued to sit
still and I began to withdraw from everyone.
I started to change where I didn’t want to be around anyone and I didn’t
want anyone to touch me. I stayed by
myself. And after a break, then I walked
down to the water like I was going for a swim except I didn’t take my shoes
off. I only walked to the edge where the
waves flowed up the edge of the sand, but my shoes were wet. But it happened again the next day. I walked out there a little further. It was
like I was sleep walking and didn’t know what I was doing. And who I as I was I am no longer. I see myself walking further into the water
with my clothes on, but this time only up to my knees. At this point the speakers, who were
psychiatrists, were alarmed because they saw me and then one lady tries to pull
me back from the water. I told her that I
must have forgotten to take my clothes off before I went into the water. Now they
are further concerned and think I am trying to kill myself and I have classic
symptoms of a rape victim and they think I am in trouble. I keep going down to the water and this time I
am up to my neck in this water but I am oblivious to what is going on. They watch me and I find that the psyche
people are watching me now. Then I turn
into this girl named Stacey. I know that
is my name. I am now someplace else talking to my pastor’s wife. And she is talking to me but a little girl’s
voice is coming out of my mouth and I am telling her about my mother having sex
with me. I hear the little girl’s voice
and see her behavior and mannerisms. She
is crouching low and talking to this woman. I see my childhood home and see my parents’
bedroom. They had a huge bed. And the
little girl says that she is on the bed and things happen. And she says her mom
is touching her. She tells all of this
to this lady but the girl says that this woman was there at this time, that she
was in the room. The girl says she saw her there when she was little and that
she was time traveling. She tells the
pastor’s wife that she saw her there and she saw the entire thing that she knew
what happened. And she tells her that her hair color was different. It was more golden like yellow. She says a lot of other things about her mom
to this woman. And the girl says also
that the girl has to go to bed at this time.
She goes to bed but then she sees this monster come into her bed
room. She says I see the monster. And he has chains around his feet but he was
walking through the hallway to her room.
And she said before that her mom did something so she wouldn’t remember. She told her to eat a piece of paper like it
was a memory and swallow it. After that
the monster was touching her head and he takes her someplace. He messes with her mind somehow. Then after that she is sitting back with the
pastors wife and telling her all of this, then the pastors wife takes out a
mirror and asks me to look at the mirror but I don’t recognize myself. I don’t see
me at all.


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It's really scary.
I heard of such a dream,when you see through someone else's eyes.
I only had one drem,when I seemed to be in my husbands body,feeling his emotions.I think in my dream God wanted to show me my husbands point of view.
But I think it's more serious.Perhaps your dream is about praying for rape victims,and for this little girl.
Please ask the Lord for revelation.I'm not an expert yet in dream interpretation.If the Lord tells you otherwise than I said please toss what I said.
God bless you.

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