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Prayer for a co worker

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Please join me in prayer for a friend from work. We've worked together for a few years but in the past 6 months we've become very close. She recently gave her heart back to the Lord. She has many issues: She is a young single mother of two little girls 3 and 4 years old, father is not in the picture. Both her girls have asthma....she is always at the doctors office for one or the other. She just found out she's allergice to EVERYTHING and anything under the sun, which explains why she herself is always sick. Plus she's developed serious skin irritations due to the allergies. She was remarried but just recently split from her husband about two weeks ago.
On top of it all, our supervisor at work is not very compassionate of her health situation,or her daughters. She basically told her she was tired of her "excuses" and that her job is on the line. She's had a lot of pressure and stress from work put on her. She ended up in the hospital due to stress. I just really love this girl with all my heart and it breaks my heart to see the way she is treated at work.
The supervisor use to be a good friend of mine...but God opened my eyes to some things I was not aware of and I found she was not who she claims to be. It was heartbreaking but I had to part from that friendship. Anyway, the supervisor seems to have some issue with my friend...don't know what it is but it is a threat to her job security. Its the last thing she needs in her life right now.


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