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Delightful soul

prayer pretty please?

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Could someone please pray with me for me to get well enough to work. A nice couple have asked that I work volunteer giving them marketing advice etc with the possible hope of working for them as a tutor. I spoke with them for about 2.5 hours as they explained their company etc and I am still trying to get over the exhaustion i feel from this talk! I have not been well for many years and have just come out of hospital and I desperatley want this opportunity but my nerves feel shot!

Hope for God to show me the way whether I am to be involved with these people or what, not sure.

Please pray I know what to do.


little one

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Little One -

You have mine!!

Lord Jesus, please strengthen Little One and give this child of Yours health, peace, stamina and direction. Show your child what you would have them do - what is in their best interest and Yours.

In Jesus' name, amen.

Please stay in touch and keep us updated on what is happening with you.

God Bless -

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