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I need BIG time Faith Prayers!!!!

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Pray for me Please, I'm fasting for my house mortgage, house to be sold,
for the buyer and the realtor, for all our debts. God has been telling
me a Ton within this whole week and a lot yesterday and today to ask for
BIG things. I have been praying that He pays off all our debts and get
rid of the house, but I keep getting, pray bigger. I shouldn't be
concerned where the money comes from Amen. God's money is more than
enough. If He uses someone, then He has given them that money
specifically for me, if He uses something, He has put that money there
specifically for me, If the banks cancel all our debt then He put that
in their hearts to do that specifically for us, He will use what He
How is asking for a million? That is big! I need revelation on what God
is wanting me to ask for because only He knows how far my faith will go
and what His Will is for me. I only want what He wants for me big or small, His way is always better than mine!
Our total debts are at least 210,000

He has been reminding me of my "Delete that" dream.

Father you have Always provided for All my needs and I PRAISE You Father Yah!!

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Thanks guys

I'm really struggling!! I feel like there is some heaviness in the house and it's trying to depress me and keeps distracting me big time, even almost got me to eat!!
I thought earlier to put on K-LOVE and forgot... I put the tv on a christian contemporary station but they play a lot of uninspired music in between the stuff I really want to hear.
I need to anoint my house again. The last time I did was several months ago I guess. I'm not sure how often to do it anyway.

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i am praying for you too. i understand you...my husband had a bankruptcy debt of 80thousand dollars over 7yrs now..praying for you is my seed.

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Thank you Dreams

Well, it's not quite an update but some cool and interesting stuff has happened the last 2 days (not inl. today).
So, God was speaking to me all day yesterday through a lot of my dreamer friends here, even through their prayer requests! It's so awesome when God is doing His impossible works in all of us at the same time and everyone is telling of it!!
Also, yesterday, I sent my son out for the mail as usual and I was expecting a check from an insurance company to pay for some debt they hadn't payed yet and instead got some over copied "professional" letter from the "Department of the Treasury"... they told me that the IRS had mailed the letter to me FOR them... I was suspicious immediately... So, I read on and they said that the IRS had not provided any information about me to them and that basically, they needed the information so they could give me some bonds that had for us... They told me fill in me and my husband's SSC #'s on the back!!! Seriously? Yeah, it's a scam... I called the IRS and made SURE they don't mail ANYTHING what-so-ever to anyone for anybody, nope they don't. I faxed them the letter. Next week I'm going to be calling the General Inspector (?) for fraudulent mail and then mail it to them. The scammers told me to call them, no, I'm not going to do that nor am I going to visit the website they provided. I'll let them be shocked by the feds. I'm not that gullible.
I just thought it was hilarious that I was petitioning God to provide for me yesterday and the enemy tried to scam me

Ok, so, all day the enemy tried to get me to eat and I almost did because I had told God that I wasn't going to eat until He told me that He has heard my petition.
Well, I was talking to Him while my car oil was being changed. I told Him that I was desperate for Him to talk to me. He told me "my sheep hear my voice". I was looking around at the walls and noticed that the H. Club (military club) was serving some kind of really good steak for only 9$ per adult. It's all you can eat, and I asked my son if he wanted to eat there because I wouldn't be eating, though I really wanted to, because the H. Club has really good food, WAY better than any other all you can eat buffet but we rarely go there. So, when we leave I'm listening to a sermon and they say something that hits me as one of my confirmations that I asked for.
So, I excitedly tell my son "I'm going to be eating with you tonight"!! We get there and the doors are locked, as it was thursday and it was only a thursday meal, i called and they had canceled because there was not enough interest :( So, I decided on the chow hall because it's only 3.50$ to eat. We get there (we had never eaten at the chow halls on this post) and I didn't know if that particular one accepted debit card, they didn't, and they didn't have an ATM either. I had cash in my pocket and used that. Well, it was all you can eat, and they had one of my most fav. meat dishes, Ox Tail (Jamaican food)!!! Even better than steak (to me)!! Oh, the food was so good at that chow hall, we will def. be eating there all the time instead of buying food a lot, at least until my husband comes home officially. Not all chow halls are good... Some are just blah and horrible, this one was exceptional.

Well, that's how my day went yesterday!

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