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DirectTV removing Christian Programming.

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**reposted from another board***

Hi Friends,

I don't know if this is the correct forum to place this request. I am requesting prayer for GODTV to remain on DirecTV.

In Addition:
If you are a DirecTV member, please call them or send them an email concerning GODTV. They are planning to remove GODTV from their programming on September 30, 2010, just 13 days from today, and they have no good reason to do so. We have called DirecTV and registered our complaint and objection. Please do the same. All that good men have to do to in order for evil to triumph is to do nothing. Please do something! Call DirecTV today and register your objection. Thank you. Please see below.



Here is what is posted on GODTV:

Dearest GOD TV friend,

We have just been informed that DIRECTV will not continue to carry GOD TV on their platform.

The last day of GOD TV’s broadcast will be September 30th 2010.
Our team is in urgent meetings but right now we desperately need your help.

As a subscriber, your personal contact with DIRECTV counts more than you can imagine – they truly care what you think!

Would you call DIRECTV on 1-800-531-5000, or click here to send them an email?

Tell them just how much you love GOD TV, and URGE THEM to continue broadcasting GOD TV on their platform.

Thanks for all you do for this ministry.

We love you so much. Shalom.

Rory & Wendy
and the GOD TV Team

P.S. After contacting DIRECTV, please give us your feedback at feedback@god.tv

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Hi, I have emailed Direct TV and told them how important GOD TV is to me and not to remove them from their platform. Direct TV responded with (false symphathy) and said they were sorry. So I emailed them back and told them since I can't watch GOD TV through them I will cancel my subscription, GOD TV is the only reason why I chose Direct TV. Of course they don't want that to happen, (oh well!). I will continue to pray that somehow this situation will turn around. : thumbs

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