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Delightful soul

Help not sure what or how?

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Hi people,

I have a situation where I have been chatting online to a man overseas and we have been chatting on and off for about a year. Recently we have been chatting lots but He is a manager of a computer place so he has access to the net all day. When it is late for me around 8pm I chat with him for a few hours. Yesterday he said he is starting to have feelings for me. He is a nice christian man and we chat lots about God but I am really concerned that if he is on the net at work, this is not a good thing and I am being a stumbling block to him. Also I have met nice people online before and gotten myself into tricky situations where I feel like I am dating without actually having met anyone. I don't want to be cynical but this man has never been in love before and he seems nice but I don't really know him and the fact he is willing to chat so much in his work time bothers me.

He has asked me to pray about him as I have not told him I have feelings for him cause honestly I don't. I can't without meeting someone. I did this once and got severly burnt and so I won't let myself get into some kind of fantasy land with someone thousands of miles away. I just don't know how to handle the situation or what to do.

Also I have so much to do and whilst I want to be in a relationship I want it in God's time and not to distract me from doing things I should be doing. And I am having trouble juggling these conversations with my own life of doing things. I am not working so I have some spare time, but I am also trying to make a film and also am doing a course and finding that perhaps this internet thing is taking up alot of time.

How do I handle this? I would love to find the right one, but is this the way? Are my concerns reasonable?

Hope someone can shed light, His light on this.

Blessings all tongue stuck

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