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Linda Irish

I Am Accountable For The Life Of My Fellow Man....

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I read something today that I never noticed before. It was about Noah, in Genesis. Genesis 9:4-5

There’s a lot about Noah and the Ark and the flood that I still don’t know. Its one of those things that every time I read more about it, I glean new knowledge.

So today I am reading about how God had given plants and animals to Noah to do with as he wished but with instructions, “But you must not eat meat that has it’s lifeblood still in it.”. As I was pondering this, I continued to read some of the notes on the subject. Apparently it was common for Pagans to drink the blood of animals or even people, in the belief that they would somehow gain a stronger, longer or more powerful life. But in this practice God says no.

And then this is where I saw the scripture that really jumped out to me for the first time;

“And for your lifeblood I will surely demand an accounting.” I will demand an accounting from every animal.

And from each man too, I will demand an accounting for the life of his fellow man.

Why have I never seen this scripture, I mean, really see it? I never noticed God telling us that each of us will be accountable for the life of our fellow man. God doesn’t say that some men are accountable for their fellow man (such as Pastors or Leaders) God says we are all accountable for our fellow man, specifically “from each man” He will demand an accounting for such.

I believe in my heart I have always felt a kindred spirit to humanity, and a desire to reach out and heal the hearts of people who suffer. But I don’t ever remember thinking that this really was a responsibility for all, or specifically and instruction from God. But today I’m seeing that it is something that God told all of us to do. to love our brother as we love ourself, is big.

God does tell us to love our neighbor, and I have loved my neighbor, in a quiet sort of way, but I really need to ponder this scripture, because maybe God is calling us to more, and I don’t want to miss anything that God is saying to us, moreover to me.

So I think about my neighbors and the people that I see everyday, in my neighborhood, at the gas station, at my work, and I am seeing them in a new light. In the light, that I am accountable for them. I am to care, intercede and help, as the Holy Spirit leads. I need to take this to heart and meditate on this until it is fully written on my heart.

Thank you God for your love, help us to walk in your Light and Spirit and Way everyday Lord. Help us to understand and embrace the renewing of our mind in You Lord, in Your Way. Let us long to hear you say, “Well done, my good and faithful sons and daughters”. Amen

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I Totally agree with you! I feel that way too. I know that God will ask why I didn't help someone when I was Right There and could have done something!

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