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sexual soulties and hardship??????????????

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i need to ask a question about the above...i was attempt raped when i was about 9yrs old by a total strange who tricked me ..does it mean that there was a soultie and spirit transfer..seeing there was no penetration..as he could not enter me..and sudden help intervention?

2ndly. i remember when i was 5 to my 11years..i had sexual child play with my childhoodfriends/neighbours in our course of our ignorant playing...does this imply soul ties too.
3rdly one of them was my half brother and a relative son and a girl....i really all that is behind my financial hardship expose and destroy..and am just simply tired of the perpetual poverty. i have been asking God to reveal the source of my hardship. i got bornagain in my early teens up till now. so what do u say..although i woke up this morning confessing my childhood sexual sins and the rape..and breaking the ties and get my fragmented parts back.. although i in the pass i have gone through deliverance..(My ancestors were idolatry,witchcraft,occult etc).but cannot understand why i have to still suffer severe poverty and now that i am marry it is same story. Yester in my soul searching of several months and weeks i had to sit my husband down and ask him if his late father rain curses him apart of physical abuse...he said yes...becos we have bn unble to be stable or posper in all our business endeavour...we are depending on bank and relatives..cant even afford for our kids...so i have bn scouting around why is this still happening..after my personal deliverance in the past..any way i told my husband we need to break the curses. Do we have to see a man of God for this or do it our selves knowing some anointing is higher.

i want to know what you said...i am just sick and tired of this continous hardship this is no blessing to Gods kingdom at all.
i want to be able to provide good future for my kids!!! if this a curse..i want it to broken !!!, i want the demons out and out and i want my blessings in 7folds restore back dated to 100generations!


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I will be responding to this later today. I have to get to work right now but happend to check my messages and I just came across this this morning. I have done some deliverance ministry myself and may have some things that will help you. I went through much of the same things you did and my experience may help you get through some things. I will be on this evening or later this afternoon and will post then. Take care and God bless,


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