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Pls Pray agh,,,, need serious hlp w/this

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Need serious miracle !!!

my bathroom cieling was leaking like crazy all of a sudden. like a flood!!crying bandaid agh
plumber said thy might need to make whole in the wall. might be pipes etc etc..something to do w/upstairs. (wont bore u w/details)

Pls pray thy wont charge me much an that it's not my apt that wud need work... but upstairs, they said thy might need to make a hole in the wall!! b /c of inside pipes crying
i hve no job... so i cnt afford it.
:jesuschrist: :jesusfish:

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Do you rent or is this a place you own? If you rent, you shouldn't have to pay...that's a landlord issue, right?

Nonetheless, I will pray. God is apparently up to something.

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