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I think this is serious, please pray

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Hi all, I'm Destinee, since last month I have been having these dreams really strange and creepy dreams, I'm going to type the dreams so you all know how to pray for me, Because I really don't want to be harmed in any way. Mostly, the dreams are about me being hurt in some way, And all of the dreams a guy that I know was in the dream, Or someone brought his name up. I did tell my mom about the first 2 dreams and she prayed with my aunt and I think with my godmother for a good time, But I forgot to tell my mom about the other dreams, But she does pray for my safety everyday.

I just wanted to know if this seemed a little strange to anyone else: Since January 11th (of this year) I have been having these weird dreams, this is the first one: It was my sweet 16 birthday and a lot of my close friends that I consider family were there, My mom handed me a gift and it was a cell-phone, I thanked my parents because I thought I would never get a new one. I ask them if I can charge it in my room and they said yes. I went into my room, A few minutes later, My dad comes in with this boy (T) and my dad is yelling on top of his lungs that he raped me, And I was a little confused. T's dad came in because he heard all the noise, He asked me dad what was wrong, So he told him what he thought his son did. So, that started a fight between both the dads. I look on the floor and see this snake smiling at me.

The 2nd dream happened either in the same week or a few days after this one:

I was walking with my family, I was carrying this pretty baby, I continued to walk, The baby turned into a black puppy, the puppy was very cute. I ended up alone in a classroom with my dad. My dad was yelling at me and saying I wouldn't have gotten pregnant if I just listened to him. It was quite confusing.

My 3rd dream was that I was sitting in the youth sanctuary in my church, I took out my iPod because my mom was talking to my youth pastor, T comes up and asks if he can sit next to me, My mom sees this in says for him never to go near me again.

In my 4th dream: I'm in-line at a store, I can't really tell what kind of store I'm in, but I know it looks familiar, My mom is with me, once we get rung up, the cashier says I look familiar. I told her that I model sometimes and my pictures are on a certain website. She said she saw a picture of me on someone's phone, I was a little confused since none of my friends take pictures of me. The lady took out her phone and said that T sent a photo of me to her, And my mom was furious because T wasn't supposed to have anything to do with me.

In my 5th dream: I with my friends having a good time just dancing and eating, and we're all dressed up and we're in this nice restaurant. I see T and his friends but we ignore him, Something happens and we end up leaving and I'm leaving and tears and my mom is mad saying something really cruel about T. I end up at my friends house, I need to get something out of the car, But once I try to get back into the house, this german sheperd blocks me, And starts barking, And than tries to bite me. I end up getitng back into the house though, Just very scared..

This dream was from last night: I was getting ready for church, and I took out my cell phone, and it was broken, I was about to put it in my purse, But I realized it was missing. We all got into the car ready to leave for church, And I take out my phone, and it's not broken anymore. We don't end up going to church, but instead we go to our neighbors house, And I see a big black rotweiler standing behind our neighbor's glass door, It didn't bark at my mom, my dad,nor my sister, but when the dog saw me, It started to bark. My neighbor took her dog out, And he was really friendly, My dad took the dog to walk him, And the dog saw me and continued to bark, And it wasn't a bark like he was about to attack, but more so a bark like he was trying to tell me someone was coming towards me, but I didn't see anyone.

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Destine, Just continue meditating and studying God's word and praying and He will lead you through this will His Holy Spirit. None of the enemies plans to harm you will prosper if your hope is in God.

Lord i pray that you give Detine comfort and lead her through this and give her a clear mind to all the good things you have in store for her. Please fill her with your Word and encourage her. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen.

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