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Sylvia Browne

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Hi all......it's been a while. Hope everyone is doing all right. I'll be on the site more now if ya'll will still have me.

I just found out right now that Osama Bin Laden was killed this week. There's a special news report happening right now on channel 7.

About 10 years ago (2002, right after 9/11 happened), Sylvia Browne prophesied that he was already dead. Ten years ago, I was practically Buddhist and I listened to Sylvia Browne every Weds. on Montel Williams' show. Her influence is really strong among people who are hungry for the supernatural outside of Jesus, or who are in deep grief over lost loved ones. She's written many many books, and she markets her products really well.

The thing is.......I feel sick about how she's deceived people. She's been given a soapbox...which has given voice to doctrines of demons. She's a false prophetess and a liar. I feel sick because she has a prophetic gifting that she doesn't glorify God with. I want her saved, or I want God to quiet her somehow. People are going to ignore that she has yet again prophesied something false, like Osama Bin Laden already being dead, and continue to listen to her. Mistakes can be made in prophecy, and God forgives the saved for these mistakes, but she is not operating under the Holy Spirit. Her "holy" spirit is a spirit guide named "Francine" if I remember correctly. Francine tells her everything.

Please pray that God will send many laborers in her field, and that God would put a hedge of thorns above, beneath, and around her to wall her in, so that she won't find her way/path until she confesses that Jesus is Lord. If you pray this with me, please remember to put your full armor on before doing it. She has a serious forcefield of demons around her.

Also, remember to pray for Montel Williams and the CBS tv distribution, that they will wake up and realize the deception and lies that are being televised. At the very least, they need to put a disclosure that she is "self-proclaimed," and viewers are not to put any clout in or take anything she says as fact.

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Wow Christa I had no idea about this. I will certainly be praying about it. Spiritual warfare will be needed here. Thanks for sharing the info.

Love in Jesus,


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