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Need Prayer and Counselling

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Dear All,

Alli can say is I need prayers...and some counseling for this disturbed mind..

I found out that we are gonna have our third baby....it is a li'l bit of a shock, since we were not planning for another one so soon, since my second child is only 1 yr and 7 months..

Ever since, I found out this, I've lost my interest to go for work...I'm worried if the baby would be stressed more, since my work involves a lot of ad-hoc new things coming yup..Its more like the administering of a server...and it is really demanding in a way that it keeps me for longer hours...It has only been 7 months since I started work, and finding a job was really a difficult thing...

I worry abt after the baby is born, I have a nanny who takes care of my 1 yr old...she almost lives with us, so she can take care of my first child who will turn 6 in December(about the same time the new baby would be born!!) I'm worried that if I start work in 2 months...how things would be at home...the last time

The thing is i'd like to stay home with my kids.....for some time . i'd like to take a break, but my husband thinks, i should not at this point in time..i too believe that this job that I have is a miracle...door that HE opened at the right time....

I need prayers..to make the right decision ....i'm confused about a lot of things..worried abt the truama after having a baby..i feel I'm not ready to go thru another experience....again...but I have to....

I think i really need some good talking, good prayer support, and also someone to pray along with to make the right decision for me and the family...

I hope someone can help...

Cognizant !!!

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Hi Cognizant,

What a confusing and stressful time you are having! I truly feel for you.... I pray you will be able to sort out the decisions you have to make, I pray you will feel empowered to make the decision that feels right for you, in your spirit.

I pray for the baby you carry to be healthy and happy, I pray for your family as you prepare a place for this little one that the joy will begin to overtake the concern.

I pray for your working decisions, that is a really hard one for Mums... I pray you are enabled to make the decision that is right for you and your family. And that you feel upheld, whether that decision is to work, or to take a break and be with your children.... I pray God, the provider of all things will provide for all your needs and you will be able to rest in that.

I know what it feels like to "not be ready to go thru another birth experience" Oh yeah!! I went to a "calm birth" class when I was pregnant with my last and the difference in my birth experience was amazing! I actually wanted to train in midwifery so I could help others as I had been helped... I highly recommend it! It explains the process - a natural process that your body is designed to do - and gives you [and your husband] tools to help yourself. It teaches you how to relax [and tells you why you need to relax!] - and then lets you practice. :o)

Bless you Cognizant... breathe, rest and pray, and it will work out. You have a while to get used to the idea :o)


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I'm praying for you my sister because it seems to me that majority of the pressure that is on you, you have placed on yourself. God is the creator of life and he controls and designs when a child comes into the earth and WHO it comes through. Despite the timing of it all, God chose this time and this moment for you to be with child and usher him/her into the earth...what an honor that is!!!

When God is in something, he provides for it. Your job and everything else that you are concerned with, God already has it worked out...you just need peace. So that is my prayer for you...that you will have the PEACE OF GOD that transcends ALL understanding and that it will mount guard in your heart through Christ Jesus.

I'm going to share a scripture with you that just came up in my heart. Please meditate on it:

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. (John 14:27)

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