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Weird dog.

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I left work to get some breakfast one day and i felt like i was being watched, so I turned around and I notice this dog. I was like this dog can't be following me. So i continued walking. I got the feeling again. This time i caught the dog off guard. When I turned around and looked at him he looked away quick and acted like he was look for something in the bushes (no joke). I was like omg he is following. When he realised I on was on to him he just sat across the road waiting for me while I got my breakfast. I guess was taking to long for him because he began to pace back and foward. I was like ok i think he is waiting on me. As i crossed the road and began to walk back to work he got closer. he was like 2 steps behind me. He never barked growled nothing he just followed me. I stopped and looked it in the eye, nothing he just looked back. I literally shrugged my shoulder and continued walking. The dog walked me straight in the back of my work building to the door and waited until i got inside. Before i shut the door i looked him in the eye one final time. I guess i was expecting him to do something, he only looked.

It was my first time seeing the dog. Another weird moment in my life -.-! But it is a good story to tell people!

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