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Brenda D. Ballantine

How hard can it be?

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How hard can it be? What kind of question is that? Depending on the definition of the word “It”, I would guess the answers will vary. The subject today is in the area of communication.

In this case it is in the form of the written word. Capturing a thought in a moment in time, a snap shot of feelings and emotions, that somehow can tell others where you are. Have you thought about that reality? The words written can allow someone else to understand what you may be thinking, experiencing, or your thoughts concerning a question that may be on your mind.

How hard is that to accomplish? At this moment I am experimenting with laying down and typing while flat on my back. I don’t recommend it, for it is much easier to sit up while typing or writing, as one might expect. My point is that even if it is difficult, it is possible. The cool thing is we can take just a few minutes and write to someone, or just share our thoughts. We may never know what impact we have on someone else’s life just by sharing our gift of communication. Are you willing? The question is how hard can it be?

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