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Please help pray for God`s work to come through

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I am writing this note and I hope I get high response. Right now I am doing work in South Africa. There is a need for men and women to work together, but my goal is to and I feel in my heart push for the agenda that men and women need each other as a team as a unit. Just as God planned.
There has been alot of agendas pushed that focus on issues that don`t celebrate men and women working together and respecting one another such as violence, etc and this is a concern for me being so young and all. I believe that the work that God has placed in my heart is for men and women to work together and build important and successful healthy relationships whether it`s marriage, or friendship in a healthy and wholeness way.
I am in the process right now of working with young men in unversity to respect their female counterparts because there has been high incidences of rape, so I hope that for the next few months while I am in Africa that the men will responsed and that God`s work will be done. I don`t work for a Christian organization but I feel that`s God`s plan men and women need each other.

If you agree or need clarification with what I have address please respond or even pray that God`s will be fulfilled.

Thank you and God bless your support is needed


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