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5 CANDLES!!!!!!!!

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When we pray, God's answers r yes, no & wait. These answers r definate. If ur like me & d man of God who brought forth the Word 2nite, wait is the answer u struggle with. However, HE tells us 2 wait 2 bring a bigger yes. The best thing about "wait" is HE won't tell u 2 wait now, just 2 tell u no later!

During the wait it seems that darkness has overtaken us especially when we're waiting 4 our dreams 2 manifest. But even n that darkness, GOD has provided light. Even if it's just enough light 4 us 2 take 1 step @ a time...like the light of 1 candle n the mist of our darkest time. Sumtimes those dark seasons will cause u 2 get weary or lose hope n d dream ever coming 2 past. U may even 4get the dream. Not because u don't believe it but u just 4get 2 remember them because its so dark u can't see it anymore.

I needed a candle n the mist of my waiting. I received 5 candles 2nite & I want 2 share them with all of u. The first 1 is what I mentioned earlier about "yes", "no", & "wait". 2) Never make a permanent decision from a temporary circumstance [darkness is not permanent. Storms don't last always. Eventually, things will calm down]. 3) Don't ever determine your difficulty in the light of what's in your hands. A little becomes much when GOD steps in. It depends on whose hands its in. What you have is not all there is. 4) Don't allow your past memories 2 become bigger than your dreams. 5) Build your own fire 2 kindle the fire of your dreams & dream big!

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