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Thank YOu!

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I want to thank all of you for helping me with my dreams & for praying for me. I could write a whole book of what God revealed to me last week but.... I will be very brief. At the time the Lord was giving me the dreams I did not have the full revelation then....The ones about the lightbulb, doors closed, the hidden black diamonds.

The lightbulb dream:... the Lord has given me several ideas to start a business...
Doors closed: I was praying for something completely opposite of what God had in mind such as finding a career, going back to school, etc.
Hidden Diamonds: it was my childhood dreams.

I want to wait to reveal the business ideas. I am so excited because the Lord showed me how to use the gifts He has already blessed me with. For the past week the Lord makes the vision clearerer & clearer.

Another childhood dream I had was modeling. I have been ask over the years to model or do pageants but I never thought I was pretty enough...well today someone asked me to compete in a local pageant & I am actually considering it.

There is so much more but I wanted to keep it brief. Again thank you so much.

Also, do you remember me posting about a church home? Well, a friend from a church I used to attend asked me to come to prayer with her. The pastor prayed for me and his prayer was that "God will OPEN DOORS for me". My former pastor was so happy to see me & my family. So that's where I will be for now. happy dance

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