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Isaiah 6:1
King Uzziah has just died, and it has left Isaiah and the rest of the kingdom in disquiet. Then he receives this staggering vision of the Lord, that would really have left me stuttering...

Look around you, look inside you, look in the mirror...God is in control of all you see and hear, good and bad: have faith. God says, don't let the situation of having to watch something die out of your life keep you low. I will give you a vision. I invite you to come up higher. Come up higher in the Spirit.

Just watch and pray, and act upon the word which He shall answer. Research whether you have done the first instructions that He has instructed. If you have not, ie, stopped smoking or something else that makes you spiritually unclean, then He will not give you the next steps. He wants you to come out from under what holds you down, so He can take you higher. I am not talking about God taking care of our needs. He takes care of the just and the unjust. I am talking about going higher.

God uses logic, like math. Except He is infinitely more complex than math. But unlike math, if you seek and desire a true answer, He will give you one that you can understand. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. He reveals more of Himself to us with each step we follow through on.

***I am not saying I know every reason, but I am only giving a summary of the personal experiences of silence that I have gone through.

If He is silent, you may just be in a test, or He may be waiting on you to complete a step, especially if what you are praying about will be answered through the step, or involves that step of obedience. If you refuse to turn from sin, (I am not talking about the person who is actively struggling against temptation) you break communication. God doesn’t turn away from us. God always communicates, even sends other to do so on His behalf, that He knows we will listen to. Also, it may be that you cannot hear Him over other voices, ie self-talk, friend talk, social media, entertainment, desires, etc. He uses a steal small voice to speak with us gently. Quiet, very calm and quiet; He doesn’t need to yell to make a point. He knows He is all-powerful. So meditate often in the Spirit, because His voice comes on the wind of the Spirit. Come up higher.

Above all, realize that God is over all governments, all wealth and resources, all peoples-God the Creator is in control. That applies to all elections, stock markets, job situations, wars and times of peace. All friends, family, and foes. BUT He makes decisions based upon the spiritual condition of the people for the governing bodies. HE RAISES UP AND PUTS DOWN KINGS. All His decisions factor in our prayers, attitude, and obedience. God is a great God. Trust God. He is in control. Do you believe and receive this truth.

He says, don't depend on man to help you in a crisis, don't depend on your wealth, but call on Him in the day of Trouble and He will answer and show you great and mighty things. God is in control. Do you believe, and receive this truth?

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