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True Flight

Shekhinah Glory

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I have been doing some studying on the Shekhinah Glory.
I must say I am feeling a bit foolish for believing that this was of God.
The word Shekhinah never appears in the Bible, and the books it does appear in are all mystical books.
Shekhinah, is the name of God's wife, daughter or mother. And it goes down hill from there.
The Glory and light she brings, is the third eye that is spoken of in New Age, Hinduism, Buddhism...etc

Does anyone else have any input, I would love to hear it. bandaid

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you're right, it never appeared in the Bible. But it means "the dwelling presence" this is why jewish people before used "shekinah" to refer God's dwelling presence. Though the word itself didnt appear but its root words SHAHKAN, "to dwell", and the related noun MISHKAN, "Tabernacle" have been used many times in the Bible.

I didnt know that shekinah is used as one of the gods in other pagan religions what

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