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Please pray a hedge of protection over me! My dream reminds me of Esther & Haman

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Hi everyone, last night I had a very disturbing dream, I'll describe it briefly
So you know how to pray:I'm in my living room sleeping in my couch, I see my local news channel declare
Gas prices have dropped to $3.05. I send my mom a text about it, she says "praise God!"
I go to my room to call my old dance studio, to sign up for recital volunteers.
I'm able to reach them, afterwards I'm in a church foyer looking at myself sleeping on a couch.
I see someone approaching me, he gently shakes my shoulder to wake me up.
I don't wake up, so this guy climbs on top of me and blood comes out his mouth.
My eyes open fast, I push him off and run to our car.
Anyways, I do not recognize the guy in my dream, but his spirit is very familiar to me; I will b
At this church in two days. Please cover me in prayer, I didn't feel right when I woke up. I did pray over myself and rebuked all unclean spirits.

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