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Please pray.. Jezebel and Sabotage is alive at my college

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Hey everyone! I started school two months ago (Bible university.) Jezebel is alive and well there, and so is Sexual perversion. Pretty much every girl claiming to be 'saved' has called me a liar and turned against me to tarnish my rep. The guys at my school are on fire for God, but with Gossip being the queen there my school is pretty much hanging on by a shoe-strand. Please pray I have peace, no more hostility or offence. I do need to make good grades, and I have already moved once.. and the same issue has happened. I know we have the option to move once January comes, but I need to be able to stay there in peace. My mom did a lot of unfair things to people in her college days, she never apologized to a lot of them. I feel like everything she failed at doing, I ended up having to face too. On top of that, Jezebel is alive in her as well.. She takes on whatever spirit someone on my school is attacking me with..

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