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All hell has broke loosed, being framed for something

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This is a little odd: Last thursday I wrote my testimony, which deals with me dealing with the pressure of being sexually pressured by someone whose parents I trusted. That friday, guys made some suggestive comments to me. I was not going to report it, since things like this happened in the past. I missed my meeting with my professor because of this. And I misworded my email, so I had to apologize so he does not think I am trying to deceive him.

Two Girls used food I made for them(I put my name on their containers) and put it in my roommates backpack. Now, she thinks I did it! I was trying to figure out why she stopped sleeping in our room. On top of that, she apparently didn't like me making her bed, so she told the housing director. So I just learned this in the past hour.. Please pray

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