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I just wrote a healthy, hearty, har-harty christian encouragement book entitled, The Apple of His Eye Mentality. It is available on Amazon and Kindle and FREE for Prime users of the Amazon Service. You can still preview a good chunk of it without a subscription. Be encouraged, and keep up with me on Facebook under TheOtherMary Green.  Believe me, I know the prayers of the saints have held me up in place! While writing this book, I have gone through a lot. Health, finances, house gone, etc. But glory to God, I am so happy and full of unfathomable joy. But I consider it all joy. I consider it a season of maturity, so that I might taste better. When God passes me out as bread to the eater, I don't want to be spit out because I am bitter. I love you family. Still PM me, Daphne, Mia, Dreamy One, and the rest of the gang  :hooray: .


What happens when believers begin to experience the dry and broken bones of faith, question their destiny or even believe that destiny will never be realized? Every believer fears the unknown, especially when they feel they are moving in the unchartered territory of a waiting destiny. The author of The Apple of His Eye Mentality, Marion Green, asserts that believers need to understand that every portion of their destiny is in God’s hands. Though we sometimes may believe that we are alone on that pathway, the reality is that God could never be closer and He has us centered safely in His line of sight. Moreover, He has already prepared a unique journey that ensures our safe arrival.
It’s easy to follow a path that is already created, but when a believer has to make his own path, he may not necessarily know what the next step is. The reason why pursuing destiny is so challenging is because plans aren’t just laid out for the believer. The walk of faith involves the believer’s placing each foot in a place while trusting that God can provide for, take care of and illuminate the next step in the journey.

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