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I fasted and asked God the reason for my existence

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Actually after trying virtually everything which I can possibly do as a human being in order to have a great future coming from a very low background, I always find myself moving backward rather than the other way round. However,being absolutely convinced even as a christian that I must persevere, insisting on accomplishing my objective in life which is attaining success most especially as a very talented composer, singer, poet etc but even at that I am still always seeing the opposite at every stage in life, that's when I began to give it quite a great deal of attention even as I continue to increase in age but all to no avail. I now ran to God and offered to enquire more thoroughly of God to actually get to know what's amiss with me and that was when I decided to engage in a dry fasting for 3 good days with the subject "what's the purpose of my existence?" Brethren, on the 3rd day of the same I saw a full moon coming down from the sky on getting to the middle of the sky and the earth it now turned to an almond branch and finally, on falling to the ground it turned to an ice block and scattered everywhere, then I took a piece of the same and put into my mouth and then about two or three people close to the scene also took the same and put into their mouth after which I saw a great multitude of people rushing down to the same place but on arriving there the pieces of the scattered ice have all melted. I knew and I still know that the Lord has answered me indeed! Do I have a call? As I am writing you now all I was doing yesterday in my dre

am was just laying hands on myriads of teenagers and I could feel a great sensation of power coming out of my hands. Thanks for your anticipated counselling in Jesus name.

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