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  1. Hello Destine, anyway the answer is just simple and I suppose that you're a christian aren't you? If yes, then why can't you listen to such a clear and vivid revelation? This is the love of God for you which is simply by His grace because He really cares and loves you. In my opinion you must not allow the snare of the devil to catch you because your father (God) has pre-warned you of the danger in advance. I heard you said that the warning was under the anointing of the holy ghost, and instead of accepting it so you rather began to pray. This is not a matter of praying but believing and obeying the word of wisdom rather than your sister's. I warn you to avoid that UCF and ask God to tell you where to apply or go; and that is wisdom ok. Moreover, please you have to let your mother know this and even your dad too. Good luck to you.
  2. Hello to you guys, there is this problem which I've been striving to surmount in me but all the same it seems somehow so complicated for me to do totally defeat that since then and I need your suggestions. Though, I know that I have given rise to that myself since I've been living by the dictates of this fear, but it's been difficult and I can't just say why and I don't even know the right approach to breaking loose from the grip. The issue is that I am having this public speaking difficulty and this problem has really eaten deep in me because I'd have gone farther than this in life with so many great and notable accomplishments. This thing is not a child's play as it has deeply consumed very much of my tremendous talents. I know that I am multi talented and fully equipped both spiritually and otherwise but the ability and audacity to showcase myself by speaking up in the public has become the devil which I must cast away first. I've tried many times even to speak up publicly most especially with or even without a microphone but to no avail since trembling, anxiety, fear, shyness, lack of boldness, lack of confidence in myself when ever it has to do with public activities wouldn't just let me be etc for I'd rather keep to my shell than embarrassing myself in the public and not because I don't know what to say or do within myself but due to fear of the public eyes on me may end up making me forget what I've got to offer and that's the problem. Whenever I see people doing certain things most especially in the public where they are myriads of people either on stage or off stage, I always know it within myself that I am highly endowed with that and may even know it even better or do have a better creative insight but the demonstration is the stumbling block. I must confess that this very thing has kept me behind the corner. Shortly I realised that I am being called to honour by the Lord and I can tell very vividly that I am so certain that I have this divine calling but the same problem could not allow me to engage myself even when I am very convinced that this thing is so serious and I can't even run away from that; and this because it's been as if the Lord is saying: you must do that or else you can't be anything else. But just now in this recent time I am beginning to do all I can possibly do in order to realize my divine call to honour but this for sure has really wasted both my time, resources and energy in my persistence to do it my own way thereby avoid whatever thing that will get me involved with the crowd. This experience has really taught me a lesson which I must never forget in life! God's calling is not anything to shy away from no matter your excuses or you end up being a story teller. He said he has not given us the spirit of timidity but that of boldness! therefore He has actually finished it all but only by faith alone and not by sight or by the flesh can one accomplish any worthwhile feat in life through Him. Please I will be so delighted with your divinely inspired contribution in this regard as I wait on you. May God bless you all in Jesus name. Amen.
  3. Hello DS, actually you've said pretty much of things here and in a nutshell let me advice you as thus: do not try to live your life by the dictates of any kind of human being no matter who the person may seem to be or let me say irrespective of what the social status of such person is etc. Do not make any doctrine driven church your church rather than Christ's alone or else you will be done for, as you will be highly induced to believing them rather than the gracious lovely word of God himself. Merely judging from your write up context here; I can vividly perceive that your church has gradually become very much influenced by their active work of rehabilitation of those mentally unstable people in the church. And as a result, ofcourse over the time, has become so much acclimatised with that rehabilitating cultural mechanism of theirs and now however, they are not only trying to condition the mindset and psyche of the mentally challenged people alone but also seem to be imposing the same dogmatic philosophy on everybody within the church. This is a gradual process of introducing that demonic cultural system of theirs which is to generally recondition the mind of people all in the name of church of christ just for all to believe in their imposed idea or philosophical doctrine which is baselessly far from the gospel our Lord jesus christ but only from the pit of hell far from the gracious and lovely word of our good God, and that is what is now happening in several churches today by the anti christ. But you can only try to be yourself, read and meditate on the living word of God and do welcome the holy spirit of God to always teach you the real will of God. Nevertheless, do not allow the negatively inculcated marital experience of your mother to even rule your mind; neither do you allow the negatively inherited marital experiences and cultures of your ex girl friends and your environs to rule your mind too. These are some of your major problems right now so to speak. I think you would undoubtedly require some psychological attention or counselling in that perspective so that your mindset can gradually be recoded in the direction of the light of God. Why this is important is because you've been deeply influenced both by your mother, pastor and friends to believe that marriage is dangerous, risky, bad, etc. So you must first of all have to disconnect yourself from such a paraded fallacy, since marriage is really a divine institution for our happiness and comfort and even our Lord Himself said that two are better than one and therefore a very good thing, most especially when such is divinely discerned by being directed by the holy ghost. Do fully disregard the senseless ideology of so called gift of singleness. So just free your mind and ask the spirit of God to guide your heart and soul as you get hooked up with someone of your dream and fullness of joy and gladness. The very first one to listen to is your inner man and that is your spirit man, as he is the very person to guide you and tell you that this is your guy by giving you this sign of: inexplicable joy and inner peace of mind as you find that special soulmate of yours. Don't manage love at all nor do I advice you to be desperate for that whether or not all your friends are all gotten married, yours is on the way and please don't be racial about it because god can send your man from anywhere whether black, red, white, or yellow, rich or physically poor etc. All men are not the same but all you need is your own rib. It's God's doing and not carnally motivated. So just follow God and your inner man and don't allow anybody to tell you that since he is a black African that means he just wanna take advantage of the relationship to come over there; as it might or might not be so. I myself is a very God fearing black African and love all language and people and am sure that I can marry anyone the Lord gives to me no matter where she comes from. So please I want to conclude by telling you to disregard the deadly demonic lies to make you believe that your home sole fellowship with God is better than a christian corporate gathering of the saints but you can find a church that matches your taste and do not fail to recognise your own gift from the Lord and effectively develop and meekly utilise that for betterment of humanity according to the will of God as it is so rewarding. God bless you all.
  4. Hello, I think that Cholette has already said it all, but I just wanna add that the man is still on the verge of repeating the same error by, not getting to know you better and longer after all that may have happened to him, before telling you that he's is sure that you're that wife of his which he's been praying or asking God for. I think he is quick to propose but not quick to really discern the true will of God in a situation like this. Well, I didn't say he didn't but I must actually have to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you should be double very careful with this kind of man and make sure that you put love or lust by the side and pray honestly to discern the real will of God first and not His permissive will ok. God may allow one into something when He sees that you've already made up your mind whether or not He permits you, and that doesn't really mean it's the perfect will of God ok. Besides u must beware of some kind of so called christians who are under the guise of that to unveil their sexual weakness with women as it seems probably evident here. Moreover, since what you actually require is not a painted truth but a plain and non diluted one: now let me tell you frankly that you can only hear the Lord speaks to your soul if you can relax your mind and avoid prematured deep feelings of love and affection for the man first as you pray to seek the will of God or else you may be overwhelmed by your own emotions thereby being tempted to dream of something that seems to be figurative of the fact that God has answered you: that the man is your husband; when actually it could be the opposite and from the flesh yes your own mindset. So you've got to be very sincere to God or urself and very neutral too. This is just my sincere contribution to your sought after. May the Lord guide your mind and soul according to His perfect will in Jesus name, Amen.
  5. Yes ofcourse I am blessed and I do advice you to try develop the whole lot of the talent so that it can profit humanity in several ways. Imagine prophet TB Joshua from Nigeria today and you'll be marvelled by the magnitude of his profitability to whole of mankind simply because he yielded himself out to the divine call unreservedly. If u develop this like him then you'll be able to tell the world the mind of God or even reveal the secret things of the devil even before it occurs. This is where the talent can profit mankind largely because, it can be averted if revealed before hands and not the other way round. Thanks and blessings to you all.
  6. I am very impressed by the godly wisdom and counselling of Astra and would love to have her as a friend. However, may I first of all commend my sister in christ Angelwings for her sincere desire for christ. Moreover, I want you to know that the moment one surrenders his or herself onto God or rather say, the moment you accept Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour immediately, you become a born again christian and it is that simple sister Angelwings. The book of ephesians 2:8 says For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves;it is the gift of God. when you begin to digest all the key words therein then the first question that comes into your heart is what is grace? The second one is what is faith? The 2nd key word would have been a task but He graciously offer it as a free gift. Therefore, being it as a gift all you need to do in order to have it is only to ask for it period! In a nutshell, repentance and all human dealings with God from A - Z is absolutely based on faith and not by works. It is exactly like the proverbial mustard seed, which is literally very very petit in size but the moment this little seed is dropped into the soil what happens? It germinates and begins to grow little by little until it becomes a very mighty tree with great branches and at that stage the birds of the air begin to make their nests. What does that suppose to mean? Accept the free gift of God's righteousness as sown into your heart the moment you accept Jesus Christ and allow the holy spirit to richly dwell in you and try to cultivate a good relationship with Him just like husband and wife kind of relationship. Be conscious of who you are and be aware that you are now belonging to a husband called the holy ghost and get to know Him better just as you would to your earthly lover. Avoid doing things that grieves this lovely lover of yours however, when you do grieve him in error being a human then quickly go back on your kneels and also remark what you've done to Him and ask Him to help you please Him the way He'd want you to; and you'll be surprise if you're sincere to yourself since you cannot cheat or deceive God. But if you can humbly embrace Him just trust that he is faithful because the bible says in Phil 2: 13 "For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure" so sister angelwings this is my own contribution to your enquiry may God richly bless you all.
  7. Actually after trying virtually everything which I can possibly do as a human being in order to have a great future coming from a very low background, I always find myself moving backward rather than the other way round. However,being absolutely convinced even as a christian that I must persevere, insisting on accomplishing my objective in life which is attaining success most especially as a very talented composer, singer, poet etc but even at that I am still always seeing the opposite at every stage in life, that's when I began to give it quite a great deal of attention even as I continue to increase in age but all to no avail. I now ran to God and offered to enquire more thoroughly of God to actually get to know what's amiss with me and that was when I decided to engage in a dry fasting for 3 good days with the subject "what's the purpose of my existence?" Brethren, on the 3rd day of the same I saw a full moon coming down from the sky on getting to the middle of the sky and the earth it now turned to an almond branch and finally, on falling to the ground it turned to an ice block and scattered everywhere, then I took a piece of the same and put into my mouth and then about two or three people close to the scene also took the same and put into their mouth after which I saw a great multitude of people rushing down to the same place but on arriving there the pieces of the scattered ice have all melted. I knew and I still know that the Lord has answered me indeed! Do I have a call? As I am writing you now all I was doing yesterday in my dre am was just laying hands on myriads of teenagers and I could feel a great sensation of power coming out of my hands. Thanks for your anticipated counselling in Jesus name.
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