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please help me with this stumbling block called fear

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Hello to you guys, there is this problem which I've been striving to surmount in me but all the same it seems somehow so complicated for me to do totally defeat that since then and I need your suggestions. Though, I know that I have given rise to that myself since I've been living by the dictates of this fear, but it's been difficult and I can't just say why and I don't even know the right approach to breaking loose from the grip. The issue is that I am having this public speaking difficulty and this problem has really eaten deep in me because I'd have gone farther than this in life with so many great and notable accomplishments. This thing is not a child's play as it has deeply consumed very much of my tremendous talents. I know that I am multi talented and fully equipped both spiritually and otherwise but the ability and audacity to showcase myself by speaking up in the public has become the devil which I must cast away first. I've tried many times even to speak up publicly most especially with or even without a microphone but to no avail since trembling, anxiety, fear, shyness, lack of boldness, lack of confidence in myself when ever it has to do with public activities wouldn't just let me be etc for I'd rather keep to my shell than embarrassing myself in the public and not because I don't know what to say or do within myself but due to fear of the public eyes on me may end up making me forget what I've got to offer and that's the problem. Whenever I see people doing certain things most especially in the public where they are myriads of people either on stage or off stage, I always know it within myself that I am highly endowed with that and may even know it even better or do have a better creative insight but the demonstration is the stumbling block.

I must confess that this very thing has kept me behind the corner. Shortly I realised that I am being called to honour by the Lord and I can tell very vividly that I am so certain that I have this divine calling but the same problem could not allow me to engage myself even when I am very convinced that this thing is so serious and I can't even run away from that; and this because it's been as if the Lord is saying: you must do that or else you can't be anything else. But just now in this recent time I am beginning to do all I can possibly do in order to realize my divine call to honour but this for sure has really wasted both my time, resources and energy in my persistence to do it my own way thereby avoid whatever thing that will get me involved with the crowd. This experience has really taught me a lesson which I must never forget in life! God's calling is not anything to shy away from no matter your excuses or you end up being a story teller. He said he has not given us the spirit of timidity but that of boldness! therefore He has actually finished it all but only by faith alone and not by sight or by the flesh can one accomplish any worthwhile feat in life through Him.

Please I will be so delighted with your divinely inspired contribution in this regard as I wait on you.

May God bless you all in Jesus name. Amen.

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When God calls you to do something, he equips you with the tools you need, so you can't say you are unqualified or ill-prepared. He has worked out the details a long time ago and he works everything together for your good. If you fear anything bad would happen, trust God. He know what will happen in the future. In most cases, nothing turns out as bad as you think. No one will laugh at you or through tomatoes. If you hear giggles, its because the person is remembering something funny, is talking with someone who is funny, or likes to laugh at inappropiate times. Remember: God always holds your hand.

To fix a fear is to face it. When you speak in front of people, don't look them in the eye. Look in their general direction and look at something a little far off, like the wall behind them, but make it seem you are looking at them. Also, pretend that the message you need to speak will save them, because it will. Pretend there is someone who is suicidal in the audience and that your words will convince them to live another day. If you're talking about Jesus, your words do carry this power.
Don't speak too fast. If you have written what you will say, don't hold the paper too close to your face. It shouldn't be higher than your upper abdomen. Don't hold it to close to your body either. Keep it a few inches from your body. If you are reading from the paper, look up at the audience every few seconds. Practice! Practice! Practice! Practice what you say in an empty room and in front of your friends and family. Get feedback and accept contructive criticism and make improvemets and adjustments where it's needed. The more you practice, the more confidence you get.

Don't shrink back from what God has planned for you. You will regret playing it safe way more than you can possibly regret stepping out in faith. Actually, you won't regret it.

God bless you.

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