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Please I am In need of Counsel

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Hello, have been such a long time since my last post.

Things were very difficult for my family until last summer. Still going through some things but God has been so good to me.

I would like to ask you for counsel. I work at the church I attend. Last December, we had a Christmas banquet at my church. I went with my children and it was just us at the table. Then, a man and his teenager daughter joined our table. He seem it a nice man and he normally attended the Spanish services and a mutual friend gave him tickets for the banquet. I started to see him more in the other services and wold chat with him. I tell you that I was not attracted to him physically, It was when he would speak of God with so much love that I found my self attracted to him. I could sense that he was interested in me but he never said anything. Then one day while we were talking, I found out he was separated and was still married. Here is his what he said: He got married in 2012 to a lady he did not take the time to know. Three months into the marriage he realized that marriage was not going nowhere. she told him that was still in love with her deceased husband. ( she had a son with her deceased husband. He said that he slept in the couch. She left the house. I was disappointed to find out that he was married. He said they just never went to get divorced. Now, after that, I told him that I was not going to talk to him any more until he get his paper in order. weeks ago I found out by a friend to him confide this things that the lady has signed a waiving that the marriage has finished and that he has to wait on the period of 45 days until he is divorced.
He told me that he has prayed to God for a specif wife and he is completely sure that I am that woman.

At the moment we are not having any communication other than just hello. Until he is completely free.

I am praying for a husband also, and I have the feeling that it could be him but I don't know yet 100%. I am praying for confirmation.

My question is: Am I sinning if I wish to talk to him to get to know about him, while he is waiting his final divorce? I will not go out with him or anything like that.

Thank you for your help! I want to the right thing

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If you had just met him and you were just friends...meaning that no one had any love interest, I would say that it is fine that you are friends while he is walking out his divorce.  Now that the two of you are attracted to each other, you should not pursue a "friendship" becaue it seems that emotionally you have moved past that.  You should wait until his covenant is completed from his wife before pursuing anything else.

You should still pray and I will tell you why.  As recent as  2012, he made a quick decision to marry someone that he didn't know.  This leads me to believe that he needs a little help in discerning God's wisdom in a situation.  I would as God to open up your eyes to see and to give YOU the wisdom you need to move forward or not to move forward.  Not only pray for your ability to receive wisdom, but for his as well.  God is doing some good matchmaking this season, but so is the devil so I would as that you really think with the heart of God and not just your own.

God is with you and he won't let you fail.  His ways don't always feel good, but be open and ready to embrace whichever way he leads.


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Hello, I think that Cholette has already said it all, but I just wanna add that the man is still on the verge of repeating the same error by, not getting to know you better and longer after all that may have happened to him, before telling you that he's is sure that you're that wife of his which he's been praying or asking God for. I think he is quick to propose but not quick to really discern the true will of God in a situation like this. Well, I didn't say he didn't but I must actually have to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you should be double very careful with this kind of man and make sure that you put love or lust by the side and pray honestly to discern the real will of God first and not His permissive will ok. God may allow one into something when He sees that you've already made up your mind whether or not He permits you, and that doesn't really mean it's the perfect will of God ok. Besides u must beware of some kind of so called christians who are under the guise of that to unveil their sexual weakness with women as it seems probably evident here.
Moreover, since what you actually require is not a painted truth but a plain and non diluted one: now let me tell you frankly that you can only hear the Lord speaks to your soul if you can relax your mind and avoid prematured deep feelings of love and affection for the man first as you pray to seek the will of God or else you may be overwhelmed by your own emotions thereby being tempted to dream of something that seems to be figurative of the fact that God has answered you: that the man is your husband; when actually it could be the opposite and from the flesh yes your own mindset. So you've got to be very sincere to God or urself and very neutral too. This is just my sincere contribution to your sought after. May the Lord guide your mind and soul according to His perfect will in Jesus name, Amen.

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