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Work Raffle

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In this dream, my name was at the top of a list at work for some kind of raffle/fundraiser.  Apparently, someone could bid on me, and the highest bidder would retain my services for whatever tasks they wanted completed.

The list was on the wall at work, and across from the wall were bleachers - like in a gymnasium - full of people.  This was the crowd being approached on this fundraiser thing.

I had to walk past the posting (and in front of all these people) as I headed to the break room.  I was going to sleep in that room, and I knew that I'd be locked in (not in a bad way).  I felt awkward having to walk in front of all these people.  So, I just looked straight ahead as if they weren't there.

Once locked in the break room, I fell asleep.  When I woke up, the fundraiser was over.  There were notes that had been slipped through the door, although I felt as if most (if not all) weren't for me.  My brother came in and showed me a note related to the fundraiser.  It said that Lisa had bid something like $500 on me, so she would be the winner.  I accepted that - no other feelings about it.  In the dream, I understood it to be Lisa _____ from work, but her last name was blurry...so, only "Lisa" stood out.

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