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Alligators and Work Raffle Dreams Moved - Another Dream

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As soon as I read Mia's responses, I felt it might be better to move both of these dreams to the Moderation section. I do think that they both may be about the website.

The Alligators dream could be a warning. How I felt about myself compared to my peers definitely fits this site. In fact, this is probably the only area of my life that stands out to where the setting and emotions would fit.

For the Work Raffle dream: There literally is a woman named Lisa in my workplace; but, there's zero chance I'll see her. If I had any interaction with her, it would be through e-mail...and, honestly, I don't think it's her. In fact, when I think about how her last name was blurred in the dream, it would make sense that she's not literal. And, as I was posting the dream, the member named "WiseLisa" came to mind. We'll have to see.

Another reason that I moved these: I remembered one more dream that I had last night as soon as I read Mia's responses...

In this dream, I was inside the store that I used to work at when I worked in retail. Oftentimes, this place symbolizes this website. A worker came up to me, and the two of us walked over to the Health and Beauty Aids department where, in real life, she used to work. We chatted, but I was focused on something else: I was standing in front of the deodorants, and I specifically placed two different brands of deodorant back where they belonged on the shelf. One of them stood out as being old or outdated (ever heard of expired deodorant?). I had some concerns about the item, but the woman that I worked with didn't seem fazed.

I think that the two items are these two dreams. If there was one that I wanted to move in a timely way (before it was too late/"expired"), it would be the one with the name Lisa in it.

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