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UK Royals

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Meghan 'powering through in spite of pain'

Meghan Markle was claimed to have gained the nickname of "Duchess Difficult" while still working on behalf of the Royal Family due to her constant requests to her royal aides. In the latest episode of the podcast Archetype, the Duchess of Sussex tackled head-on the title as she hinted at the "pain" caused to her and other ambitious women


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A lone protester was arrested by police today after throwing eggs at King Charles and the Queen Consort during a walkabout in York.

The royal couple were being welcomed to York by city leaders when the man threw three eggs at them, all of which missed before the pair were ushered away.

The protester shouted 'this country was built on the blood of slaves' as he was being bundled to the ground by four police officers.

Other people in the crowd started chanting 'God save the King' and 'shame on you' at the protester.

Charles and Camilla are visiting Yorkshire to carry out a number of engagements.

They were in York to attend the unveiling of a statue of Queen Elizabeth II, the first to be installed since her death. 



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