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    You have been added to the VIP Members group.
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    My favorite animal is Citipati osmolskae.
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    My favourite animal is a tamandua!
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    Creator: Zooasaurus (meshing by King Hoopla) Requires:ZT2 + MM It is not in English. Contains: Animals: Freshwater Crocodile Cuban Crocodile Siamese Crocodile Dwarf Crocodile Gharial False Gharial Plants: White Mangrove Reskins for: Mugger Crocodile Saltwater Crocodile Fixes: -added Mugger and Saltwater Crocodile gender size difference -updates for Mugger and Saltwater Crocodile -Nile Crocodile size fix -place in your main ZT2 folder Notes: -All crocodilians in this pack, including the reskinned ones, have at least one varient! -Delete the Saltwater Crocodile update hack if you have it, as it is contained in this pack -Add a "Z-" infront of the name,(it'll look like Z-Crocodilian Pack 2)to make the Saltwater Crocodile and Nile Crocodile fix work Pictures: White Mangrove: Cuban Crocodile: Siamese Crocodile: Gharial: Freshwater Crocodile: False Gharial: Dwarf Crocodile: KrokodillenPack2.z2f
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    If you just want names in game, you can edit the number folder in the lang folder. When you do that, your game will be able to read the files in side, but the names will be in the language of the original folder.
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    I hope the original English version gets found someday.
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    Creator: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: The following designers deserve credit for this pack: Bunyupy, Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Jimmyz Hoopz, Tyranachu, Ultamateterex2, Z-Studios, Kangorillophant, and Igcfm. See screenshots for more extensive credits. Requires: All files require EA and the Steppetundra biome, The fox and Irish elk also requires ES. Public Domain: Yes, all the models, maps,sounds and skins are PD, just credit the original designers for the meshes and icons. Language: English. Bugs: The fox and dirk-toothed cat have no fossils. Description: This pack contains seven animals native to the Steppetundra biome and a Wooly Mammoth fountain. The Irish elk also contains a hack to the Steppetundra biome that fixes the Europe map. Screenshot: Alopecoid Fox (mesh is Dinosaurman's red fox v2) Cave Bear (mesh is Jimmyz Hoopz's black bear) Dirk-toothed Cat (Adult is Ultamateterex2's young smilodon mesh, the young is Dinosaurman's European lynx) Irish Elk (Adult male mesh is by Bunyupy imported from the game Carnivores: Ice Age, the female and young mesh from Dinosaurman's red deer v2. Male icon by Kangorillaphant) Short-Faced Hyena (mesh by Z-Studio from their v1 Vampire Beast, skin in part based on Igcfm's brown hyena skin) Steppe Bison (mesh by Dinosaurman) Woolly Mammoth (mesh by Tyranachu) Mammoth Fountain Alopecoid Fox.z2f Dirk-Toothed Cat.z2f European Cave Bear.z2f Mammoth Fountain.z2f Short-Faced Hyena.z2f Steppe Bison.z2f Wooly Mammoth ST.z2f zzzIrish Elk.z2f
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    Designer: Penguinman, Doooot, RedNotDead, Gibbon-Fanatic, Mikaboshi, Csleesburg, and Exitree Requires: ES AA All packs contain the following: Biome Themed Arch Biome Themed Sign Biome Themed Elevated Path There are a total of eight packs. Alpine Pack Contains: Foliage - Alpine Azalea Alpine Cinquefoil Bristlecone Pine Animals - Chilean Flamingo Pyrenean Ibex Takin Verreaux's Frog Yak Scenery - Alpine Fencing Alpine Paths Picture: Alpine Pack.z2f Grassland Pack Includes: Foliage - Butterfly Weed Magnolia Tree Magnolian Linden Pampas Grass Animals - Aldabra Tortoise Asiatic Wild Donkey Black-Footed Ferret Elk Gray Fox Scenery - Iced Tea Stand Ruby Deposit Butterfly Cave Picture: Grassland Pack.z2f Scrub Pack Includes: Foliage - Aster Mojave Olive Tree Sage Brush Tanoak Yucca Animals - Beira Golden Jackal Kudu Mexican Gray Wolf Nilgai Pronghorn Scenery - Scrub Tunnel Picture: Scrub Pack.z2f Temperate Forest Pack Contains: Foliage - Almond Tree Banksia Blue-Eyed Grass Buttercups Wild Violets White Dogwood Pink Dogwood English Oak Animals - Eastern Blue Tongued Skink European Wild Cat Raccoon Spirit Bear Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat Scenery - Temperate Sky Tram Temperate Forest Path Picture: Temperate Forest Pack.z2f Desert Pack Contains: Foliage - Apache Plume Chilean Mesquite Pacific Madrone Pata de Guanaco Poppy Saguaro Cactus Animals - Addra Gazelle Collard Peccary Desert Tortoise James's Flamingo Wild Burro Scenery - Desert Music Rock Mexican Restaurant Oasis Sand Storm Machine Picture: Desert Pack.z2f Boreal Forest Pack Includes: Foliage - Siberian Crabapple Siberian Elm Sitka Spruce Rudbeckia Mayflower Animals - Black Tailed Deer White Tailed Deer Siberian Brown Bear Eastern Timber Wolf Fisher Scenery - Boreal Jeep Boreal Pole Boreal Forest Path Picture: Boreal Forest Pack.z2f Savannah Pack Contains: Foliage - African Blackwood Tree Cattleya Violacea Purple Mushrooms Animals - Dwarf Mongoose Grevy's Zebra Radiated Tortoise Springbok Scenery - African Restaurant Juice Stand Afrikaans Gazebo Picture: Savannah Pack.z2f Tundra Pack Includes: Foliage - Dead Tree Dwarf Birch Dwarf Willow Animals - Siberian Lynx Arctic Wolf Scenery - Arctic Blue Deposit Arctic Sea Smoke Machine Snowy Sky Tram Snowy Tunnel Tundra Paths Tundra Fencing Picture: Tundra Pack.z2f
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    Creator: Thomvonder coded these ambients as animals. Original Creator: Blue Feng made the model and the skins. Requires: ZT2 and MM Extra Info: The Koi and the Herring lay eggs, the other fishes don't. This pack contains: Blenny, Koi, Capelin, Herring, Spadefish, Blue Tang, Mackerel, Arctic Cod, Lionfish, Yellowfin Tuna. The Koi has variants, so they don't all look like the one on the picture. Updated (12/29/2020): All of my previously released fish are now able to lay eggs, eat and use the kelp bed to rest. As a bonus I also gave the herring of my Formidable Fishes pack schooling behavior Picture: Formidable Fishes.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: Me Requires: Penguinman's Biome Shell, EA Public Domain: Yes you can make animals or plants for this biome, it is zbiome10 for Designing purposes. Language: English Bugs: The rocks must be placed manually and may not be picked up and moved once placed. Not a bug but the biome uses the slot for the never finished beach biome (zbiome10) so must be added to the short biome shell. It works with the original biome shell with no problem. Description: Steppetundra is a very rare biome found only in a few places in Alaska and Siberia today. During the ice Age however it was the primary biome in the northern hemisphere and is called the Mammoth steppe due to it being the primary habitat of that extinct elephant. The steppetundra biome has frozen permafrost for soil, wind-dried grass for ground cover, and pebbled shores due to run-off from the great glaciers of the age. The biome comes with reindeer lichen and mammoth grass as the main flora. An extinct flower(sylene stenophylla) and subspecies of Black Spruce can be placed for historical exhibits. It contains a hack transferring the following original Blue Fang Steppetundra biome... Short-faced bear Sabre-toothed cat Auroch Bush Antlered Deer Cave Lion Wooly Rhinoceros In addition the moose and caribou are also coded to live in this biome. Screenshots: Steppetundra Biome.zip
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    Zebret Skin Made By: Mika Coded By: iba5000 Zebret.z2f
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    Zetland Skin Made By: Mika Coded By: iba5000 Zetland.z2f
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    Zonkey Skin Made By: Mika Coded By: iba5000 Zonkey.z2f
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    Creator: Ringo-Coder and Skinner dudmesister130-Mesher (Amphicyon) Deepca-Skinner (Amphicyon) *Thanks to Zelda-Maniak for the models for the Daeodon and Carpocyon. *Thanks to Murodock for the Montauk Monster Model. Requires: ZT2, ES, AA, and EA Language: English Features: Contains fossil puzzles and zoopedia. Content - Amphicyon ingens The North American giant Bear-dog. BIOME: Grassland Carpocyon The North American primitive canid. BIOME: Grassland Daeodon The North American killer hog. BIOME: Grassland zzzzzMioceneNApackP1.z2f
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    Author: Penguinman Requires: ES Picture: Desert Tortoise.z2f
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    Designer: Zooasaurus Requires:ZT2+MM Includes: Animals: Cookiecutter Shark Pacific Sleeper Shark Sixgill Shark Foliage: Sea Pen Glass Sponge Tube Worms Scenery: Black Smoker Lanternfish Vent Crab Midwater Jellyfish(Aequoria,Colobenama, Foersteria) Whale Carcass Other: Whale Carcass Food Fixes: -All cetaceans will turn into the Whale Carcass when they die -All foliage, and the deep-sea anemone will work with the biome editor -Goblin Shark will eat the Whale Carcass Food -adds a new loading screen Special thanks to papapanda for helping with the Black Smoker. To fix the white box in foliage, download the Shark Pack 2 XP-Deep-Sea_Pack.z2f
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    Designer: Coder - Sneke_bite Skinner - Sneke_bite Mesher - A mesh based on DinosaurMan's original snake Original Creator: DinosaurMan Language: English Requirements: Endangered Species Picture: Bugs: It has no name and zoopedia Blue Fang Snake.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author: Coder - Me Skinner - Me Mesher - Dinosaurman Original Creator: Dinosaurman Language: English Bugs:pm me if their are any Note: A mystery bonus animal is included(it's not an animal from Africa). Requirements: Endangered Species Picture: Black-necked Spitting Cobra.z2f Cape Cobra.z2f Egyptian Cobra.z2f Forest Cobra.z2f Monocled Cobra.z2f Mozambique Spitting Cobra.z2f Red Spitting Cobra.z2f West African Brown Spitting Cobra.z2f
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    Designer: Gloria Picture: Narrow-Striped Mongoose.z2f
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    Author: Erry2000 Picture: Boomblauwtje.z2f
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    Creator: Erry2000 Requires: ZT2 and MM Picture Link: Rissos Dolphin.z2f
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    Creator: Silesian Tomcat Requires: ZT2 Picture: SomalienWildAss.z2f
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    Designer: MiBound Credits: Southern Carmine Bee-eater by ZTABC Requires: ZT2 Picture: RainbowBeeEater.z2f
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