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    Designer: Colonel Swampert Needs: EA Description: This pack features 6 new ratites: the Darwin's rhea, greater rhea, emu, Southern cassowary, Southern brown kiwi, and North Island giant moa. The pack also comes with a kiwi burrow. Reuploading here with creator's permission. Ratities Pack.z2f
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    This topic is an easy way to gain access to the VIP Members group. All you have to do is reply with your favorite animal. This only applies to people who are exactly members of User-Made Creations.
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    Designer: Carnotaurus Requires: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Toxodon.z2f
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    Designer: Gorgonopsid Master Needs: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Abelisaurus.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creators: Many people need to be credited for the original models used to make this pack. Bunyupy for the Beakuana, Bunyupy and Zerosvalmont for the Great Gobbler, Dinosaurman for the Big Yellow Gigaduck, Eryel for the Penguin of Death, and 16529950 for the Lawn Moa. Requires: ES, EA, MM, and Spec World: Children of the Tree of Pain Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: Five animals native to New Zealand from the Spec World alternate universe. It includes Spec's largest bird, the Big Yellow Gigaduck; the gigaduck's smaller cousin the Lawn Moa; The carnivorous Great Gobbler; the Pelacosaur-like Edaph-Beakuana, and the Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death!!!! Screenshots: Big Yellow Gigaduck (yes it screams like Godzilla!) Edaph Beakuana (Guests like these giant tuataras) Great Gobbler (a big carnivorous bird in two subspecies) Lawn Moa (watch out for the poo) Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death!!!! (Warning these flip out and eat people all the time!) Spec_Big Yellow Gigaduck.z2f Spec_Edaph Beakuana.z2f Spec_Great Gobbler.z2f Spec_Lawn Moa.z2f Spec_Screaming Ninja Penguin of Death.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: GLM/Jannick for the Heyuannia model used for the Cenobite. All other models by Blue Fang. Contents inspired by the Original Speculative Dinosaur Project (2003 edition). Main information by Daniel Bensen and Matti Aumala. A modern (incomplete) wiki version can be found Here. Requires: EA :Bones: Public Domain: No for the Cenobite model (you must ask GLM/ Jannick) but Yes for all the rest. Language: English Bugs: none Description: The Speculative Dinosaur Project postulated a what if world where the dinosaurs never became extinct. This parallel Earth is Spec World. This pack includes three animals and a plant from the Specultive Dinsaur Project's article "Children of the Tree of Pain". Here you will find the Cenobite Seedcracker, The Pain Tree, The King in Yellow butterfly, and both subspecies of Nettle butterfly. It also contains the Spec World filter for future packs in this series. Screenshots: Cenobite Seedcracker Tree of Pain & butterflies Spec World_Children of the Tree of Pain.z2f
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    Designer: JVM and VNDragon Credits: AJ (base icons) Jurassic MT and DinosaurMan (mesh) Requires: EA Description: This chinese sauropod is one of the world largest titanosaurs ever, the same size with its relative Argentinosaurus. Reuploading here since the link at ZTDC is down. zzz_Ruyangosaurus.z2f
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    Designer: Xtremepieman Needs: None Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Avilope.z2f
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    Designer: Panda King and Incinerox/DragonGod Needs: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Solitaire.z2f
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    Designer: Fishzilla (Credit to HENDRIX for base model) Needs: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Lesothosaurus.z2f
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    Designers: Panda King and Incinerox/DragonGod Need: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: NI-MoaGiant.z2f
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    Designers: k_mac and Verdant Gregor Requires: ES AA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Includes: Australopithecus De Brazza's Guenon Lar Gibbon Monkey Madness Mini-Pack.z2f
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    Designer: Verdant Gregor and JohnVM Requires: AA EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Coelophysis.z2f
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    Designer: riseofthedinos and Zooasaurus Requires: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Entelodont.z2f
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    i STILL keep making things no one asked for ✨ Download: NotRainbotamuses.rar
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    they always use the dirty texture, that was my attempt at making them look ''unique''😭 Includes- hexaprotodon sivalensis hexaprotodon simplex hexaprotodon bruneti Giant images that make it harder to reach the download: Download: z_HippopotamusPygmyBruneti.z2f z_HippopotamusPygmySimplex.z2f z_HippopotamusPygmySivalensis.z2f
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    You actually did it really well, so you have no need to be ashamed. 😊
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    Designers: Major League Designing Requires: MM, EA Uploading with permission Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Includes: American Cheetah, Atrociraptor, Giant Cheetah, Jiangjunosaurus, Tanystropheus Z_LoonyLocationsChristmas.z2f
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    Designer: JohnVM Requires: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Allosaurus-v1.z2f
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    Thank you very much for finding this download. Congrats! 🙂
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    Designer: Jannick/Golden Lemur Man Needs: AA, EA Picture: incisivosaure.z2f
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    i keep making things no one asked for ✨ Download: Rainbotamuses.rar Images:
  23. 2 points
    Designer: Bigfooter/Austroraptor and Black Lemur (Credits to HENDRIX for model) Requires: EA Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: JPraptor.z2f
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    Designer: Braq & -VGnome- Requires: None Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Edmontosaurusbybrach.z2f
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    Designer: Xtremepieman Requires: MM, EA Note: This is an old verion, you can find a newer one here. Credit goes to @Gwendolyn Blackbird for providing this lost file for preservation. Picture: Compsognathus.z2f
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    Designer: RyuKami Requires: EA Uploading with permission Picture: Albertosaurus.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creators: Several designers need credit for providing the original models that were used in this project... Andrew12, UT2, Crookedjaw, PR, and Philly for the sauropod model used to mesh the bandershatch grassbag. Bio-Hazard for the Green Lancehead (modified by me to have horns originally meshed by Platypus and Tom) and the Rainforest Gihugrongo. Bunyupy for the Jagator Chucha for the Cityfinch Dinosaurman/Hendrix for the croclion and the oviraptor model used to mesh the Nerd of Paradise. Dinosaurman/Hendrix and Slice for the Bird Shelter original meshes. Tyranchu for the horned molok Requires: EA and AA and ES for the Cityfinch and Jagator. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: The Cityfinch shelter has a large black shadow. Description Eight unique animals from a parallel Africa where the Dinosaurs Never became Extinct. Screenshots: Horned Molok: The major predator of the African Savannah Alfred's Hichcock ("The Birds") Vicious little finches Hichcock Nest Green Lancehead A saurolope native to the African plains Bandersnatch Grassbag Spec World's largest land animal Rainforest Gihugrongo A beautiful forest sauropod and Spec's tallest animal Nerd of Paradise An annoying primitive bird from Madagascar Jagator A climbing crocodile from Madagascar Croclion The Jagators bigger, meaner, cousin Spec_Alfred's Hichcock.z2f Spec_Bandersnatch Grassbag.z2f Spec_Croclion.z2f Spec_Davies Nerd of Paradise.z2f Spec_Green Lancehead.z2f Spec_Horned Molok.z2f Spec_Jagator.z2f Spec_Rainforest Gihugrongo.z2f
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    They are much outdated since we made them (I was known as Dinosaur then); Tamara made an awesome remake recently. I am glad that you still enjoy it so much. Thanks!
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    shame. It sucks that bugs ruin such cute downloads
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    Creator: Kb3 Creditis: Aluigi Original Creators: Blue Fang Requires: EA Description: Reverts Dino Danger items to their original models. ZZZZZ_DinoDangerHack.z2f
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    Designer: Lgcfm Original Creator: Blue Fang Requires: All (AA, ES, EA and MM) Bug: Some objects (Yellow tuna & TV Screen) appear as locked on the prize list, but they sare still buyable. Also not exactly a bug, but you will get the same game settings Lgcfm had when she made this. You can change them again, of course. Description: This hack will set all campaigns as "completed" and unlock all prizes, for the original game and every official expansion pack. This hack does not work like a regular download! You have to follow these steps: 1- Go to "start" and enter this in the search box: %appdata% 1.a- For Windows 8, do this on the search option that appears on the windows menu (or the right side of the screen). 2- Then go to Roaming/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon 2/Default profile (or other profile if you have one) 3- You should see some folders and a file called "options.xml". If you want backup (which I recommend), copy and place it somewhere safe before continuing. 4- Now copy the file you downloaded and paste it in the folder, so that it replaces the previous "options.xml" (don't rename it!) 5- Launch your game and enjoy Screenshot: options.xml
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    Designer: Laura "Tamara" Henson Original Creators:The following designers provided the original models modified to create the contents of theis pack... Chucha and Iguanoraptor123 for the Primal Carnage Tyrannosaurus used as a base for the retro T. rex. Big thanks for Invicta Plastics for the texture and inspiration and to the original 'Land of the Lost' for sounds. Hendrix for his Rhamphorhychus and Pteranodon used to make the Thipdar. Otterlord for permission to use the RR Kangaroo for Hoppy. Tyranachu for the model modified to make Dino. Zebrasorus for his smilodon used to create Baby Puss the machairodus. Biohazard's JPOG Styracosaurus to make the Snoots bouncy ride and camarasaurus for the Dino gift. Z-Studio's black cat used to create the Baby Puss (Machairodus) bouncy ride and for the music rock model. Requires: All expansion packs and Hendrix's Walking With Dinosaurs Pteranodon. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Found Description: This pack is an expansion for Extinct Animals that gives a Flintstone's theme to your game. Items include a cycad-shaped music rock, a Flintstone's themed diner featuring such foods as bronto burgers and cactus cola, and three bouncy rides (one based on Hoppy, one on Snoots, and one on Baby Puss. It also contains a hack that turns the dinosaur entertainers into Dino and Sassy and 4 new animals. Animals include the fictional snorkosaurus (Dino)and Hopparoo, a retro Tyrannosaurus rex, "Pterodactylus occidentalis" a retro Pterosaur, and the long-tailed sabre-toothed cat Machairodus (the animal Baby Puss was based on) Screenshots:[/b Flintstone's Snorkosaurus (Dino) Flintstone's Hopparoo (Hoppy) Flintstone's Machairodus Thipdar (Retro "Pterodactyl" occidentalis) Retro T. rex Invicta British Museum of Natural History toy (retro T. rex gift) Flintstone's Diner Flintstone's Cycad music Rock Flintstone Snorkosaur Entertainers Flintstone's Bouncy Rides ZZZZZZZ_Flintstones Pack.z2f
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    Gorillaz Entertainment Pack Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creators: : Gorillaz music and characters created by Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett. Art for 2D's fountain is from Brandon Evans 'Broken' music video. Base files for the gothic cross, tombstone, fountain and planter are from Paranoia. Sago Palm is from Biohazard's Jpog pack and the Sign and Lowland Gorilla mesh are by JimmyzHoopz. Requires: MM and EA. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: The Gorillaz Sign and Music Rocks have no zoopedia and the Tombstone is surrounded by alpine terrain when placed. Description: A celebration of the rock band Gorillaz this pack features all four members 2D, Murdoc, Russel, and Noodle as Entertainers for your zoo. It also adds a Gorillaz sign, a Sperm Whale (Massive Dick) display, Superfast Jellyfish display, a tombstone rock for temperate forest biomes, a zombie gorilla monkey-bar ride, the zombie (ghouley) gorilla animal, and six music rocks that play the music of Gorillaz. Screenshots: GORILLAZ! Entertaining the Guests Noodle Close Up ITEMS Gorillaz Sign Massive Dick (Sperm Whale) Hall Gorillaz Bars Tombstone Rock Music Rocks Plastic Beach Music Rock ANIMALS Superfast Jellyfish Display Zombie (Ghoulie) Gorillas Gorillaz Entertainment Pack.z2f
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    New screenshots have been added.
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    Hard choice but Styracosaurus is definitely on my top favorites list
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    Thanks to @Gwendolyn Blackbird a new attachment has been added.
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    Creator: Zooasaurus Requires: AA Includes: Andrewsarchus Andrewsarchus.z2f Indricotherium Indricotherium.z2f Titanis Titanis.z2f Argentavis Ambient Argentavis.z2f Picture: Here is a hack to make the Indricotherium use the young model: Z-Indricothere_fix.z2f
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    You're welcome. 🙂
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    Thanks to @lgcfm and @Dylan Hooton for helping us with downloads.
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    I think someone should fix this glitch so we could enjoy this mod without any bugs.
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    Designer: Kingcobrasaurus Requires: ZT2+EA Notes: No icon Model sometimes looks distorted Picture: Masiakosaurus.z2f
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    Apparently there's three animals shown in the image, but not mentioned in the text. They're the Grevy's Zebra, Red-faced Spider Monkey and Brazilian Tapir.
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    General Information: Creator: Lgcfm Expansions Required: Depends Downloads Required: Usually none Language: Usually any Bugs: None known Extra Information: Description: This is a collection of small hacks that I've made on request through the years. Some of these are highly specific but I'm posting them here so they are easier to find for other people who might also be interested in them. If you want to request a hack you can send me a PM, but whether I do it or not will depend on the complexity of the hack and my time availability. Riding Text Adds the "Press spacebar to ride X animal" text. English only. Riding Text.z2f XXUnadoptable Extinct Removes animals from the Extinct Animals expansion pack from the animal adoption menu. They can still be obtained through the cloning center. xxUnadoptable Extinct.z2f zNO_EA_DodoAnims The dodo animations in case you don't have EA installed but want to use birds with its animation set (e.g, most waterfowl). zNO_EA_DodoAnims.z2f zzFreeform Roulette Adds the adoption roulette to freeform games to spice things up, a counterpart to the Animal Roulette Removal Hack which does the opposite. zzFreeform Roulette.z2f zzSlow Lab Makes the animal creation lab from EA go slow even at higher fame levels, but keeps everything else the same. Intended for people who have trouble pressing the keys fast enough but still want some sort of challenge. Based on Easy Fossil Hack, an alternative that makes everything easy. zzSlow Lab.z2f zZT2_English-lang Official English lang files for ZT2, useful for making lang fixes or if you want to change your ingame language. Coded for Spanish games, you can change the language code to make it work on a different game. Most files from Hendrix's drive, bonus downloads from MJ. zZT2_English-lang.z2f zzz Main Menu ES music Changes the main menu music to the ES theme. By modifying this file you could also make it use any other of the game expansion themes, or even a custom sound file. Just look for mainmenu_music and change the sound file. zzz Main Menu ES music.z2f zzzMoreGuestsHack Increases max number of guests at the zoo to 400. Made by following the instructions at https://zt2mods.board-directory.net/t2-max-guests-mod. zzzMoreGuestsHack.z2f zzzz Protarchaeopteryx Hack Makes the Blue Fang Protarchaeopteryx non-agressive, omnivore and changes its biome to Temperate Forest, more accurate to the real animal. zzzz Protarchaeopteryx Hack.z2f zzzzzzSkytramElePathPlacement Allows placement of the skytram poles on elevated paths. zzzzzzSkytramElePathPlacement.z2f zzzzzzzzzz Elephant Growing Hack Makes female elephants able to mate again after their offspring become juveniles (instead of waiting until they are adults), allowing them to have two calves of different ages at the same time, true to real life. Also makes them grow up slowly and constantly instead of becoming immediately bigger for each lifestage. Compatible with the RR African Bush Elephant and Asian Elephant. zzzzzzzzzz Elephant Growing Hack.z2f zzzzzzzzzzzz NoHungerThirst Prey Adjusts prey animals of all sizes so their hunger and thirst needs never become pressing, predators are unaffected. Meant for wildlife gameplay (I imagine) to make predators hunt while not worrying about prey starving. Modified from Thom's Happy Animals Hack, which does this for all needs and all animals. zzzzzzzzzzzz NoHungerThirst Prey.z2f zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzTankPlaceableRocks Makes rocks placeable in tanks. That's all. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzTankPlaceableRocks.z2f zzzzzzz Running Prey Removes the alarm call behavior, making prey animals run instantly when they notice a predator instead of standing there, resulting in a better chance to escape. So far only works for some RR and EAR animals, as well as my Sika Deer, as I couldn't find a way to apply it to all animals. Some animals were added by @dinoman9877. zzzzzzz Running Prey.z2f zzzzz Sell Animals Hack Makes you get 80% of the money back for adopting out animals, works with any animal. Based on Collar's Placement Hack. zzzzz Sell Animals Hack.z2f zzzzzz Zookeeper dont place food Zookepers won't place food or water dishes. They will still perform other functions like refilling containers, cleaning poo and healing animals. zzzzzz Zookeeper dont place food.z2f zzz No Poop Hack Makes poop disappear automatically, and it's scentless so animals won't complain about it. Basically Thom's Happy Animals Hack, but with the need fixing removed. zzz No Poop Hack.z2f zzz Nicer Killer Peguin Makes the killer penguin unable to kill XXLargePredators, and also changes its biome to coastal. zzz Nicer Killer Peguin.z2f zzCheatCodesJuvAdo Addition to Thom's Cheat Codes for morphing animals into Juvenile and Adolescent life stages, see here for more info. zzCheatCodesJuvAdo.z2f Bonus Features: Public Domain: ✓ Permission to reupload? ✓
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    Welcome to the VIP Members group.
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    The post was edited after @Mjmannella posted the reply.
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    Yes. Both contain different species.
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    Yep. It's a texture error.
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: As in all my packs a number of people must be credited for making this pack all it could be. Thanks goes to Dinosaurman/Hendrex for the polecat, fox, genet, male dik dik, male steenbok, male oribi, and rabbit mesh. Aurora designs deserves credit for the RR zebra model. Longisquama deserves credit for the Artiodactyla Hartebeest and Duch Designs (Sophie and Tom) for the Eland. The female and young dik dik, steenbok, and oribi were designed for Wildlifepark 3 and rigged for ZT2 by Robert. Requires: Most need only ZT2 but the hartebeest and eland may need AA, The fox and rabbit need ES, and the weasel needs MM. Public Domain: All but the eland and hartebeest are Public Domain. To use the eland contact Duch Designs and to use the hartebeest contact Longisquama. Language: English Bugs: Some of the animals do not blink their eyes. The blinking behavior causes a bug in certain models so was deliberately removed. Description: An almost total remake of the Namibia pack. This download includes remakes of the African Striped Weasel (now with improved ai), Common (Cape) eland, Cape fox, Cape genet, Damara dik-dik, Hartmann's mountain zebra, Lichtenstein's Hartebeest, Oribi, Small spotted genet, Smith's red rock rabbit, and the steenbok. Screenshots: steenbok Oribi Damara Dik Dik Lichtenstein's Hartebeest Cape Eland Hartmann's Mountain Zebra Smith's Red Rock Rabbit cape fox Small spotted genet cape genet African Striped Weasel African Striped Weasel.z2f Cape Eland.z2f Cape Fox.z2f Cape Genet.z2f Damara Dik-Dik.z2f Hartmann's Mountain Zebra.z2f Lichtenstein's Hartebeest.z2f Oribi.z2f Small Spotted Genet.z2f Smith's Red Rock Rabbit.z2f steenbok.z2f
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