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    This topic is an easy way to gain access to the VIP Members group. All you have to do is reply with your favorite animal. This only applies to people who are exactly members of User-Made Creations.
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    The section is open again for new VIP Members.
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    Designer: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: All models have been modified by me from the originals. Original models are the Marsupial Mole from DinosaurMan/Hendrix's European Hedgehog; Dibbler, Kaluta, and Kowari from Nessich's numbat; Kultarr from Tyranachu's Leppy; Fat-Tailed Dunnart from Blue Fang's Fennec; and the Tiger Quoll from Zerosvalmont, carlosdino & Bunyupy's Tasmanian Devil. Requires: African Adventures (AA) for all but the dunnart and kowari which need Endangered Species (ES) and just normal ZT2 respectively. Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None that I have found Description: A remake of six of the original devilish dasyures in Awesome Australia (I omitted the Tasmanian Devil because Hispa designs has already come out with a fabulous remake of that species) and added a marsupial mole. Kowari Dibbler Fat-Tailed Dunnart, close up of new model and in game Kaluta Kultarr Southern Marsupial Mole Tiger Quoll Dibbler.z2f Fat-Tailed Dunnart.z2f Kaluta.z2f Kowari.z2f Kultarr.z2f Marsupial Mole.z2f Tiger Quoll.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: This pack would not be possible without the talents of these peerless designers...Dinosaurman/Hendrex, Hispa Designs, Platypus, Freki, Cosmius, Aurora/ Radical Remake Designers, Fauna/Z-Studios, Zerosvalmont, and Artifex. See screenshots (below) for more detailed credits. Requires: The following requirements are needed... ZT2: European items, Billberry goat, European Robin, and Pembroke Welsh corgi. ES: Exmoor Pony, Kerry Bog Pony, Kellas Cat, Scottish wildcat, and Scottish red deer. AA: West European Hedgehog, Eurasian Jay, and European Green Woodpecker. EA: Chillingham Cattle and European Slow Worm. MM: Eurasian eel and Grey Seal. Public Domain: All but the European robin mesh is public domain, just credit the original designers. All maps, skins and new coding is PD, just give me credit. Language: English Bugs: Chilenlingham cattle are black when first selected but change to actual color once placed. The robin is similar but is white when first selected instead of black. The slow worms and jay have no sick or dirty skins due to the limitations of the coding associated with the models. Description: This download includes 15 new British animals, two bouncy rides, a fountain, and a restaurant for your zoo. Screenshots: 1 Bilberry Goat (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Barbary sheep) 2. British Red Squirrel (Cosmius's Indian Giant Squirrel) 3 Chillingham Cattle (Platapus' yak mesh for male, Dinosaurman/Hendrex's Wisent for female and young) 4 European Jay (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European Expeditions v2 Raven) 5 European Eel (Dinosaurman/Henrex's sea snake) 6 European Green Woodpecker (Dinosaurman/Henrex's woodpecker,Yes it pecks wood!) 7 European Robin (Platypus and Freaki's songbird) 8 Exmoor Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra) 9 Grey Seal (Zerosvalmont's leopard seal) 10 Kellas Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex'a European wild cat v2) 11 Kerry Bog Pony (Aurora Designs Radical Remake Zebra) 12 Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Artifex's Tenrec) 13 Scottish Red Deer (Dinosaurman/Henrex's European red deer v2) 14 Scottish Wild Cat(Dinosaurman/Henrex's European wild cat v2) 15 Slow Worm (Fauna and Z-studio's giant anaconda v2) 16 Soay Sheep (Dinosaurman/Henrex's Mouflon v2) 17 West European Hedgehog (Hispa Design's echidna) Items: Tiny Cat Fountain! Made for small areas and it is used by children and adults as a wishing well! Scottish Red Deer Bouncy Ride Exmoor Pony Bouncy Ride Big Ben Pub, serves traditional British food such as ale, crumpets, toad in the hole, and more. Bilberry Goat.z2f British Red Squirrel.z2f Chillingham Cattle.z2f European Eel.z2f European Green Woodpecker.z2f European Jay.z2f European Robin.z2f European Slow Worm.z2f Exmoor Pony.z2f Great Britain Items.z2f Grey Seal_COTW.z2f Kellas Cat.z2f Kerry Bog Pony.z2f Pembroke Welsh Corgi.z2f Scottish Red Deer.z2f Scottish Wildcat.z2f Soay Sheep.z2f West European Hedgehog.z2f
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    My favorite animal is the komodo dragon
  7. 1 point
    My favorite animal is the blue whale
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    My favorite animal is blue wildebeest
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    My current favorite animal is the whale shark!
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    My favorite animal is the Lowland streaked tenrec
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    My favorite animals are tyrannosaurids
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    my favourite animal is the saltwater crocodile
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    Creator: Artifex Requires: Marine Mania Description: This includes the Indus River dolphin, smooth otter, Caspian turtle, and hilsa prey. Arabian Nights MM Animals 2.exe
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    My fav animal or fish is a oscar or any large cichilds
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    It also includes a hack that adds the missing Guest folders to the pack so that zoo visitors can see the animals.
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    My favorite animal is the Emperor Penguin.
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    Author: Penguika (Penguinman and Mikaboshi) Requires: :ES: :AA: :MM: Pictures: Olingo Mountain Paca Cloud Forest Rock Formation Clusia Tree Grass Orchid Neoregelia Red Eyed Tree Frog (Ambient) Royal Cibotium Three Tailed Tiger Swallowtail (Ambient) Cloud Forest.z2f Mountain Paca.z2f Olingo.z2f
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    Thanks to @Dylan Hooton a new image has been added.
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    If you just want names in game, you can edit the number folder in the lang folder. When you do that, your game will be able to read the files in side, but the names will be in the language of the original folder.
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    what about this pack with separate downloads rather then full pack
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    Creator: Kingcobrasaurus Description: An expansion that contains 12 herbivorous animals, including the Russian tortoise, Solomon monkey-tailed skink, and the yak. American Pika.z2f Collared Peccary.z2f Congo Peafowl.z2f Dugong.z2f Emu.z2f Gaur.z2f Mountain Goat.z2f Russian Tortoise.z2f Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep.z2f Solomon Islands Monkey Tailed Skink.z2f Texas Longhorn.z2f Yak.z2f
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    Thanks to @Puddles142 the attachment has been added. P.S. I will add more information to the first post when I locate the information.
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    Designer: Ulquiorra Original Creator and Credits: Zerosvalmont and HENDRIX (WNW Tamandua), Tyranachu (Skins) Requires: ES, AA, WNW Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: N/A Description: A Giant Anteater for your zoo Screenshot: GiantAnteaterV2.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: A group of small carnivores from Australia. it contains the tiger quoll (a raccoon-like carnivore), the Tasmanian Devil, four marsupial mice (the dibbler, kowari, fat-tailed dunnart, and kaluta) which are shrew and mongoose-like animals not mice, and two ambient animals (the kultar and five-lined ground squirrel) found in Australian zoos. Only two minor bugs: in the Tiger Quoll, it's gift does not appear when bought but automatically goes in the guest's pocket and in the kaluta the gift icon sometimes does not show (and sometimes it does, go figure). Requirements: ZT2. No expansion packs are needed for the Tiger Quoll and ambients. Endangered Species is needed for the Tasmanian Devil and African Adventures is needed for the rest of the animals Tiger Quoll Tasmanian Devil Dibbler Kaluta Kowari Fat-tailed Dunnart Ambients AWAU ambients.z2f Dibbler.z2f Fat Tailed Dunnart.z2f Kaluta.z2f Kowari.z2f TasmanianDevil.z2f Tiger Quoll.z2f
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    The Dragonriders of Pern, Expansion Pack Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: This pack would not have been possible without the use of meshes designed by DinosaurMan, Kangorillophant, BioHazard, and Artifex. Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains creatures and items inspired by the science fiction stories of Anne McCaffrey. It consist of nine animals, several items, and a filter. The animals include the domestic and wild wherry (both based on a mesh by DinosaurMan. The firelizard, Pernese dragon (in four color/size combinations), and watchwher (all based on meshes by Kangorillophant). And the Pernese Feline. The items also include a small animal house displaying a trundle bug, tunnel snake, and whersport. The items include a couch for your dragons to sleep on, fire-breathing dragon fountain (yes it spouts fire instead of water), a firelizard flowerpost (courtasy of Artifex, thank you Penguinman), Pern themed arches, a bathroom, a trashcan, and a resteraunt that serves pernese food including Bendon wine. Live food in the form of a herdbeast (pernese cow)and ovine (sheep) are also provided to provide amusement for your carnivores. Live food is based on the food from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis by Blue Tongue Games and imported to ZT2 by BioHazard. Bugs: Occasionally the dragons, the firelizards and wild wherry may become eggbound. That is the animal's birth gauge is fully red but the animal wanders around aimlessly and the game tells you it is pooping. Just put the animal in a crate then release it. The animal should then lay it's eggs as normal. The dragons have a glich that is oddly appropriate considering the source material. When approaching a fence the animal may dissapear then reappear randomly somewhere else in the park. They may even teleport into other cages to eat the occupants than quickly teleport back in their cage! I lost several guinea pigs that way until I caught the white dragon resposible. Requirements: African Adventures :AA: is needed for all the animals exceppt the Feline and Live food which need Endangered Species :ES: Any expansion pack should allow all the other items to work. The Mineral Chow(firestone)from Dragon Dreams and Paranoia's Blood food is not requiured but nice to have as the dragons are coded to eat them as well as meat. Pictures: Pernese dragons, firelizards (the tiny ones) and the wyer couch. Yes you can ride the dragons! Watchwher: a flightless (though it can glide very short distances) relative of Pern's dragons. yes you can ride them too! Domestic Wherry: A funny, flightless giant turkey critter that guest love. Wild wherry: a vulture-like predator. Pernese feline: a genetivally engineered big cat derived from crossing cheetahs and lions. Heardbeast and ovine live food items: A Small animal house containing a tunnel snake, whersport, and trundle bug! A Pern themed restaurant serving Bendon wine, klah, meatrolls, steak, roast wherry, red-fruit, and bubbly pies. The fire-breathing dragon fountain! A cute flower post with blue firelizards flapping among the flowers. Thank you Penguinman for the use of the Artifex model. And various items Domestic Wherry.z2f Firelizard.z2f Pern Items.z2f Pern Live Food.z2f Perndragon Green & White.z2f Perndragon_Green & Blue.z2f Perndragon_Green & Brown.z2f Perndragon-Bronze & Gold.z2f Pernese Feline.z2f Watchwher.z2f Wild Wherry.z2f Wyer Couch.z2f ZZZZ-PERN Filter.z2f
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    Author: Slice Original Creator: Bethesda Softworks, bitComposer Games, DinosaurMan (cat model), ZTABC Team (duck model), and zerosvalmont (dog model) Requires: ES, AA and Zoo Tycoon ABC's Aves Language: English Notes: Most models and textures are imported from Oblivion and Wildlife Park 3. Since most of them are high poly models, avoid to place to many or to fast, it may slow down or crush the game. Description: A pack that includes 3 animals, 4 shelters, and several plants and scenery. zzzWorldofImports3.z2f
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    Creator: Tamara Henson Original Creator: A lot of original designers need to be credited for original meshes and coding in this pack... 16529950 for the Swan; DinosaurMan/Henrix for the Mink, Porcupine, Juvenile and Young Fox, hare, snake, Bohemian Waxwing, Toad, Salamander, Fur Seal base mesh (with Eryel, and the rest of the Carnivora crew), carabou, Sheep, and squirrel; Bunyupy for the Adult Wolf; Crookedjaw for the Turtle; Doc 118 for the ground squirrel and Marmot; GLM for the original young swan and goose meshes; JimmyzHoopz for the Goose and bear; Platypus for the Pony and young, juvenile, and adult caribou; Ulquiorra and Zerosvalmont for the base mesh used for the Adult Arctic Fox, and Zerosvalmont for the Young wolf and ringed seal. Requires: ZT2 - Just ZT2: American Red Squirrel, Spirit bear (f you do not have the RR new biomes just use boreal), Thinhorn Sheep, Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel, and Vancouver Island Marmot. ES EE - American Porcupine, Arctic Fox, Arctic Hare, Lac La Croix Indian Pony, Mackenzie Valley Wolf, and Peary Caribou. AA - Blue Racer, Bohemian Waxwing (also needs the EE_Eurasian Jay), and Canadian Toad. AA and MM - Eastern Tiger Salamander :Shell: MM:American Mink, Blanding's Turtle, Northern Fur Seal, and Ringed Seal (If you do not have the RR new biomes just use tundra). :Bones: EA: Canadian Goose and Trumpeter Swan. Public Domain: Yes, but make sure to credit the original designers. Language: English Bugs: The ringed seal does not breed but a baby can be bought as a separate animal for a small price. It is possible the waxwing does not breed either. Description: This is a huge pack containing twenty animals, many endangered, native to Canada. Screenshots: American Mink comes with a lot of variants including platinum and albino! American Porcupine Yes they climb trees! American Red Squirrel Arctic Fox Arctic Hare Blanding's Turtle Blue Racer Bohemian Waxwing Canadian Goose Canadian Toad Eastern Tiger Salamander Lac La Croix Indian Pony Mackenzie Valley Wolf Many variants in both the adult and pups! Northern Fur Seal Peary Caribou Santa's tiny reindeer remade for your zoo just in time for Xmas! Ringed Seal and Pup Spirit Bear Thinhorn Sheep a remake of the stone and dall's sheep RR style! Thirteen-lined Ground Squirrel Trumpeter Swan Vancouver Island Marmot American Mink.z2f American Porcupine.z2f Arctic Fox.z2f Arctic Hare.z2f Blandings Turtle.z2f Blue Racer.z2f Bohemian Waxwing.z2f Canadian Goose.z2f Canadian Toad.z2f Eastern Tiger Salamander.z2f Lac La Croix Indian Pony.z2f Mackenzie Valley Wolf.z2f Northern Fur Seal.z2f Peary Caribou.z2f Ringed Seal.z2f Thinhorn Sheep.z2f Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel.z2f Trumpeter Swan.z2f zz_Vancouver Island Marmot Remake.z2f zzz_American Red Squirrel.z2f zzzzSpirit Bear.z2f
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    Zebret Skin Made By: Mika Coded By: iba5000 Zebret.z2f
  29. 1 point
    Designer: Dinosaur Requires: ZT2 and EA Picture: European Hippopotamus.z2f
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    Creator/Designer/Author:TTT Original Creator:TTT Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: arbok is a little buggy with breeding. kyogre takes a long time to eat Requirements: zoo tycoon1 (tested on complete collection use with caution if you have a different version) Picture: http://zootycoonwildlife.aforumfree.com/t1813-ttt-s-projects Pokepack.zip
  31. 1 point
    Author: Penguinman Requires: ES Picture: Gray Fox Penguinman.z2f
  32. 1 point
    Author: Slasher_16 Requires: African Adventure, Endangered Species, and ZT2 Brown Koala.z2f
  33. 1 point
    Designer: Whalebite Original Creator: Jannick and Ulquiorra Requires: EA, MM Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: Description: A duck that is either extinct or very close to extinction Screenshot: zzzz-Rhodonessa caryophyllacea.z2f
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    Creator: Zooasaurus (XDS) Requires: ZT2 and MM Humpback Whale.z2f
  35. 1 point
    Author: Zooasaurus Contains the following albino animals: Grizzly: Spanish Lynx: Fennec Fox Gorilla: Komodo Dragon Koala: Wolf Albino_Grizzly.Z2F Albino_Lynx.Z2F Albino_Penguin.Z2F FennecF_Albino.Z2F Gorilla_Albino.Z2F KDragon_Albino.Z2F Koala_Albino.Z2F Wolf_Albino.Z2F
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    Designer: Tamara Henson & Whalebite Original Creator: Zerosvalmont and Hendrix Requires: ES Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None Description: The beloved black dragon ridden by Hiccup in the movie How to Train Your Dragon. Now with full wings, though it cannot fly. Yes you can ride it! Alas it cannot breathe fire. Screenshot: Night Fury.z2f
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    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: Platypus for the base model and skins Requires: Endangered Species and Extinct Animals Public Domain: Yes Language: English Bugs: None that I know of though I haven't tested the fossils yet Description: An extinct horse breed from Abaco Island in the Caribbean. Screenshot: Abaco Barb.z2f
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    ENORMOUS ELEPHANTS Creator: Velociraptor and Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creators: This enormous pack would not have been possile without the orignal skina and models of many talented designers. Carthaginian and Desert Elephant (modified), Astypalea Dwarf, Cypriot Swarf, Kos Dwarf, Maltese Dwarf, and Tilos Dwarf Elephants are all from Lazardi's Blora Elephant with the Young from Eryel and co.'s Sumatran elephant. Chinese and Syrian Elephant from the Sumatran elephant by Eryel and co. Cretan dwarf elephant from Eryel's mammoth, Young from Eryel and co.'s Sumatran elephant Straight Tusked Elephant modified from Lazardi'a Reck's Elephant with the young modifed from the Blora Elephant Asian Straight Tusked Elephant from Lazardi's Blora Elephant Channel Island and Sardinian Mammoths use Eryel's mammoth Wrangel Island Mammoths use Eryel's mammoth modified by Zoo Tycoon Thailand. Flores dwarf elephant from Eryel's Stegotrabelodon,Juvenile from Lszardi's Reck's Elephant (moded) Young from Eryel and co.'s Sumatran elephant Requires: Extinct Animals EA Public Domain: Yes. Language: English Bugs: Ghostly elephants occasionally occur when there are a large number of animals in the park. Description: A remake of Velociraptor/Dinosaur's Enourmous Elephant packs, all placed in a single file. This pack contains 15 species of extinct elephant and a living ecotype for your zoo ranging from the tiny Cretan dwarf mammoth to the immense Asian Straight-Tusked Elephant. Screenshots: African Straight Tusked Elephant Asian Straight Tusked Elephant Carthaginian Elephant adult and baby Chinese Elephant https://imgur.com/Gae4XZh.png[/img] Desert Elephant Syrian Elephant Wrangal Island Mammoth Astypalean Dwarf Elephant Channel Island Dwarf Mammoth Creatan Dwarf Mammoth Cyprot Dwarf Elephant Flores Island Dwarf Elephant (Stegodont) Kos Swarf Elephant Maltese Dwarf Elephant Sardinian Dwarf Mammoth Tilos Dwarf Elephant Enourmous Elephants Remake.z2f
  39. 1 point
    Designer: Tamara Henson Original Creator: many people provided the original models that I modified to make this pack the best it could be, credit goes to... Papa Panda for his scolosaurus (Indian river behemoth); Tyranachu for his Paraeratherium (Balundar) and ceratopsian (Dawnhorn); Hendrix and the Aurora Designs crew for their African Civet (dog bunny), Ibis (Long-Fung), and woodpecker behavior (used for the Ringing Moulong); Raulfpv for his mouse lemur (Pokemus); Emperor Sam for his Edmontosaurus (kirin); Indra_Budhi for the Imperial Tarrasque; Bunyupy for the Archaeopteryx used for the Ringing Moulong and (with Zerosvalmont) for the Dunicorn model. Requires: All expansion packs and Spec World bonus animals & Filter Public Domain: Yes to all but the Imperial Tarasque. To use the Tarasque you must ask Indra_Budhi for permission. Language: English Bugs: none that I have found. Description: Ten animals from Spec World's southern and eastern Asian lands from India to Indonesia. This pack contains the blue-maned dogbunny, celestial long fung, dunicorn, Indian river behemoth, balundar, common pokemus, dawnhorn, ringing moulong, imperial tarasque, and kirin. Screenshot: Balundar Blue-Maned Dogbunny Celestial Long-Fung Common Pokemus Dawnhorn Dunicorn Indian River Behemoth Ringing Moulong Tarasque Kirin Spec World_Indian River Behemoth.z2f Spec_Balundar.z2f Spec_Blue-Maned Dogbunny.z2f Spec_Celestial Long Fung.z2f Spec_Common Pokemus.z2f Spec_Dawnhorn.z2f Spec_Dunicorn.z2f Spec_Imperial Tarasque.z2f Spec_Kirin.z2f Spec_Ringing Moulong.z2f
  40. 1 point
    Author: Kingcobrasaurus Hesperornis Styxosaurus Protostega Requires EA, MM2 and ES. Known Glitches: -Hesperornis has its fins tucked into its body while it walks, no idea how to fix that. -Styxosaurus's mouth sometimes goes out of whack (as you can see in the picture). -Protostega's shoulders are pink. Sea_Monsters_Easter_Teaser.zip
  41. 1 point
    Creator: Silesian Tomcat Requires: ES Picture: LemurRedRuffed.z2f
  42. 1 point
    Creator/Designer/Author: cire321 Bugs/Information/Notes: PM cire321 if you find a bug. Requirements: ZT2 Picture: MuddyBlackRhino.z2f
  43. 1 point
    Creator: Artifex Requires: EA Island Fox.z2f
  44. 1 point
    Author: Holden Requires: ZT2 and ES Update: Removed Dutch Language gray_fox.z2f
  45. 1 point
    Creator/Designer/Author: Laura 'Tamara' Henson Original Creator: Blue Fang Language: English Bugs/Information/Notes: This pack contains the Filter for the Countries of the World Expansion Pack. It will load all of the Continent Mini-Packs under one entry: Countries of the World. This allows the animals to be easily found in game. Requirements: ZT2 Countries of the World Filter.zip
  46. 1 point
    Author: Slice Requires: ZT2 Notes: The Asian Elephant Reskin also fixes the pink skin, so remove any pink elephant hack you have installed. You will need Slice's African elephant reskin if you remove the hack. Picture: zzzAsianElephantReskin.z2f
  47. 1 point
    Here is the Pokepack 1 by ttt with the Kyogre updated. Pokepack1byttt.zip
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